what went wrong

what went wrong with the stamps,
who would of thought the riders would have been able to shot the stamps that bad,
come on stamps your better then that.

If Calgary receiver knew how to hold onto the ball, maybe they would have done soemthing that game!! Plus the half the distance to the goal / kicking out of their d-lineman didn’t help whatsoever! Not sure if missing that one d-lineman made alot of difference but it could have! And one thing our d did is we contained burris, if you contain burris, you have a great shot at beating calgary.

Well you know the problem with excuses there should be none really. You have two football teams out there and well one was just not into playing the game the other wanted to kick and crap on the one not wanting to play the game the way it is suppose too. I would really like to find an excuse but really there are none to be had. The Riders were dam hungry for a win and deserved the win where as Calgary they stunk the place out. It almost made me go out and buy a rider jersey at half time. But then I woke up and witnessed the 2nd half John Carpenter horror show.

redwhite2005, that is the best post i have ever read from you!

What wrong for the stamps? Everything (which i love!)

But, i think the special teams play really screwed you guys over. The Riders had great field position for most of the game. Not to mention, it seemed like every time Howell went back to return a punt, something went wrong.

P.s. i dont know if i should bring this up, but i think most fans in Saskatchewan will forget about Burris for awhile. Having the chance to boo him off the field when he was pulled, man, that was amazing!!

Thanks Gotts but you are really finding out what a Stampeder football fan is about. You call a spade a spade right. No excuses the Stamps played badly. They always lay an egg or two during the season. That probably was the worst game I watched the Stampeders play and I am not taking away anything from what your defense played. They were rabid and played well. They sent a message to other teams as well that if you play the riders defense you better be prepared.

Dude give me a week and i can list everything that went wrong, instead I'll list what went right.

  1. We arrived on time for the game.(physically)


Nah, listening to the local media around here in Regina. They are milking Hank's comments for all they are worth.

Specifically the "They didn't do Jack to us!"

He did say it with a lot of passion, but whatever, I would be upset after a game like that too.

If the comments get enough media hype before the next game, it could easily turn even worse for Hank.

Either way I consider myself a classy fan and Hank's comments shouldn't be held as inappropriate.

However, I love going to Taylor Field and watching Henry Burris get rattled. It made my week; at least until this friday.

I would love if the fans were all over the opposing quarterback like that every week. It shouldn't take Burris coming to town to fire everyone up.

Ha, Cmon man have you been to any Taylor Field games with . . .
Dickenson playing?
With the Bombers visiting?
When Mike O'shea and The Argos were in town?
When Calvillo takes his first Snap?
How about Edmonton?

If you think Taylor Field Fans are only in the Game when Burris is playing then you are misinformed.

Im at every game, and we do get loud. What we don't do is get those chants going like "Hen-reee!" that we always get when the Stampeders come to town.

Dude give me a week and i can list everything that went wrong, instead I'll list what went right.

  1. We arrived on time for the game.(physically)

dude you are so right
thats what i have said every time the bombers bombed.
thanks for the reply hope your time has a great season

...I am totally baffled by Hanks 'no jack' comment....the riders outplayed and outclassed us in every facet of the game 'cept for maybe punting.....

haha, that is a good point. But during the game, your punter had a lot of practise! :lol:

Yeah Calgary got off some nice punts; at least compared to Sask.
We had good coverage on our short punts, but that is easy. At least our punter punted one of them so short the Returner couldn't catch up to its shortness, FUMBLE! Or is that called a muff?

Unfortunately I think we've invaded the Stamps section :frowning:

What I was really surprised at during the game was the lack of the ball going to Joff Reynolds. Other than that touchdown and a nice run he really got no work.

Yeah I think the Run can always play a roll in a game, no matter what the scenario.
The whole game seemed to be pass pass pass. Both sides.

You are right it seemed the Stamps feet were cemented to the ground and the rider players passed them. :lol: :lol:
But like I have said the Stamps got rid of their stinker game time to move on.

PS The Stamps did do one thing right! They showed all other teams how not to play football.

Had Joffrey goten 12 - 18 more touches, the game coulda been a different ball-game. I’m happy he didnt get more touches as the only concern i have with our D is run stopping, the north south variety.

Well the problem was the Stamps got behind and running the ball kills the clock. So when you need that much to come back with there is less chance of Reynolds getting the ball.