What went wrong...this time

I also hope they can settle on 4-5 receivers.

Dressler and Getz are in. I think Sisco is part of the package.

From there you have numerous guys rotating. I also like harper and don;t really understand why he's in the outside looking in. He caught almost everything thrown his way............maybe yards after catch caught him, route running or blocking, not sure.

Taj has come in. Brings speed. Has had a few dropsies too but hope they are long gone.

Jeffers harris - offside? Offside............can't have it.

Dallas baker - reportedly back on the field and getting better all the time. He might get lucky and get called on simply because nogoby has claimed the spot. Wait and see after labour day.

Hill - Never been a Hill fan so I have more negative than positive on that guy. Last week he sat down so we'll see how they change it this week.

Sanders - Utility guy that returns kicks, maybe backup RB and utility receiver. So far so good.

But they need to clamp down and call off the experiment so DD knows who he has and the tight 5 can start building together.