What went wrong...this time

Too many turnovers. Too many penalties. Edmonton maintained better field position all nite. Their D was better up front and in the secondary by far. They were better, hungrier, and more consistent. Riders need to find at least 2 new DB's who are good cover guys. Too often I saw their guys wide open with no one very close and their guys had ours covered like a blanket. The Riders got beat by a better team.

Esks outplayed them, period.

DD had a rather an average to bad game, despite the deceiving yardage. Crossing the line and passing is a prime example…He shoulda coulda ran.
From the roughing the passer early and giving a big firstdown…they just set the tone of shooting themselves in the foot…how many first down plays got called back?
Mckenzie/Graham side of the field was always weak.
The Dressler turnover hurt, but probably should have been negated due to roughing the passer…seems DD needs to basically get his helmet ripped off to draw a penalty…not sure why. At any rate, that was a killer play.
The interception was a great defensive play.
Jyles looked great…kudos to him
The D gave up some longer plays, which is really a first this season, but were taking away plays underneath…which is what killed them last week.
The penalties were simply painful.

Here, IMO, was the biggest mistake of the game…Picard should have been pulled. After hurt him self he was immobile. He was burned up the middle, could not run block, and was snapping sub par. This was a huge oversight by coaching.

I feel that this game was a big audition for a few players:
Williams and Alford at DT…I thought Veikune was doing well, but Williams has potential. Alford will be gone once NI Evans is back.
WR…trying to fill the rotating door.

Once again, I have to ask…What is West’s role on this club? Has he stepped on the field? Why is Sheets returning kicks then lining up in the backfield? This is retards…use him or put someone in who can at least return kicks…Rankin…anyone. They clearly have no faith in West.

Well the good news is that we have not been out of any games. The potential is there. They are rebuilding and they'll have to match up positions thru out the year.

Sheets continues to impress. We need a backup to rest him once in a while. They used him time and again. On that catch he almost got a TD on, he was gassed and with first and goal on the 5, we should have had Sanders in to run the ball. Edmonton had trouble against the run all game, ram it down thier throats. Good point where is West and why keep him if not being used. Perhaps replace Neil Hugh's and get another big big RB for short yardage - Canuck Truck like.

We need more then Dressler and Getz, key on them and 3/4 of the receiving O is gone.

DD telegraphs his timing plays, Getz in dbl coverage in the corner post run. DD drops the snap and still tries for timing catch to WD at the goal line? It's a broken play scramble and Use your legs to extend the play. I want to physically see DD move his head while making his reads and a few fake pump throws to freeze the D. Just get use to doing that as second nature.

There is parity in the league when 7 of 8 teams are close in wins and losses. Since Saskatchewan beat Edmonton in first meeting, this game is more important for Edmonton. Besides, Saskatchewan has a history of losing at Edmonton. Key difference in second meeting is Edmonton winning turnovers battle. With BC #1 in takeaways/giveaways ratio, no surprise if Saskatchewan lose 4th straight next.

Not putting the full blame on Durant, but it might be a good idea to give Drew Willy some playing time. Durant has shown that he is very indecisive with the football, and has turned it over at inopportune times the past 3 weeks. Until Durant gets those turnovers under control, this team will continue to lose these close football games.

Willy does need quality game time not just short yardage situations, and possibly Durant can stand back and watch from the sidelines and assess as to what he needs to do,
sometimes this is not a bad thing.

:twisted: protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :twisted:

I think the parity is a pretty good thing for fans. I expect a Rider loss in BC because they will be just as choked as Edmonton was at losing the first game in Regina. Hope it's not some kind of big blowout. I'm more concerned about the following game with Calgary coming here. Riders just have to have that game to even the season series, make a statement against them, and get a win in the standings

This may make me sound weird or different, but I've always felt that if a QB seems to struggling a big against a D, sometimes a series or two on the sideline with his QB coach looking things over from a distance and rethinking some strategy can be a good thing for the QB and the offence. If it's for good team reasons as opposed to some sort of punishment, it makes all kinds of sense to me.

I think this game showed that the problems with the Riders go deeper than the kicker...

Oh, yeah, for sure. Youth and inexperience at a number of positions would be a bigger reason. I just hope that they are learning from their mistakes and building from them in a positive direction. In my 63 years of living, I’ve learned far more from the mistakes I’ve made than anything I ever did right. I hope it works that way for the Riders, and that they will be a better team for it.

Before the season started, Saskatchewan's offense was expected to be stronger than the defense. In first 3 games, Saskatchewan overachieved beyond expectations. In 3 recent losses, Saskatchewan played as expected. When bottom teams improve greatly, they usually end up as average in the initial season The jump to elite level normally requires more time.

Reality is Sask has played 19 great quarter's and 5 bad quarter's! They should be 5-1, but brutally bad quarter's make them 3-3. I expect the bad quarter's to generally equal out abit yet, think 1-3, maybe 2-2 next 4 games! I'm not getting into specifics.

Well said, except the Riders have a few glaring mistakes / issues they have not learned from...that is what concerns me.

  1. Am I reading a few posters want to see Willy? Give your head’s a shake. Ask yourself if you want the pain and suffering the Bombers have right now as they watch Alex Brink learn his way into the CFL. Darian was not the problem on Friday night.

He threw two picks late in the game. That is what everyone wants to remember. Remember and analyze the prior 56 minutes and Darian ain;t the problem.

However, Darian must takes some yards using his feet. When he does he gives defenses fits and frustrates the hell out of them. Secondly, on 2nd and goal he must use a timeout and he can;t take anymore time counts?

  1. O-line - Not good enough. picard was hurt. Is the Neufeld the answer at tackle? They got outplayed.

  2. D line - Not good enough. They got outplayed.

  3. Esks win war of the trenches and they win the game. Throw is alot of penalties and three turnovers…surprised this was only an 8 point loss.

Hey, we're a better team this year. Last year at this time we were in last place. This year, we're tied for last place. Seriously, what did everyone expect?

Hey, 5 teams are 3-3...it is a young season...the scary thing right now is it is 3 on the road. I do believe that once the previously and repetitively mentioned secondary 'issue' is resolved that this team will look a lot better. I am still not loving what I am seeing from Hall a lot of the time, and 0 TOs by the D in 3 games is frightening, but if they can shore up that one position that should improve all of that.

I have no glaring issues with the O as a whole...DD should green light himself a bit more, the play calling is not bad over all (yeah I know...the deep balls late...well, they tried the nickle and dime stuff last week and see where that got them? Also, in the previous games a couple of those long balls were dropped, so they were the right call, the player just failed. The pass on 2nd and 2 still pisses me off weeks later, and probably will continue to do so for a while...I think they have learned a lesson...Sheets was used a lot more last week. The other big one is 1st and goal...passing WAYYYYYYY too much when 4-8 yards out. This has burned them several times. I am not saying running is going to work, but there is only 1 way to find out...use the line you recruited!

Beyond that I have 3 other big tiffs:

  • Sheets on ST
  • Picard being left in clearly injured and not cutting it when he was
  • That Jackson, 1 game, was returning and DB. He had a big run back, the Riders turned it over right away, and all of the sudden he was covering a ball 45 yards down field. You gotta sit a returner for a few plays....the club lost him for a couple weeks.
    These are all things coaches are either doing knowingly, or more frightening...are not seeing. Each is an easy fix.

Je crois que si Sherritt n'avait pas fait cette interception, vous n'auriez pas cette discussion. Par ailleurs, c'était un jeu habile de Sherritt de se cacher derrière le juge pour surgir de nulle part alors que Durant avait fait ses lectures.

Si Sherritt ne réussit pas cette interception, les Roughriders peuvent encore traverser le terrain.

Mais justement, c'est ce genre de jeux que Durant semble cumuler ces dernières semaines. Un jeu critique qui rend la victoire presque impossible.

Je suis d'accord avec ceux qui ont évoqué la discipline et un jeu un peu relâché de la tertiaire. Mais également, il me semble qu'il manque un gros receveur à l'offensive. Jeffers-Harris est irrégulier. Il peut réussir un gros jeu aussi bien qu'il peut le manquer presque par désinvolture. La situation simplifie la tâche des défensives adverses qui font les trois quarts du boulot en surveillant de près Dressler et Getzlaf. Si les Roughriders avaient un autre receveur à leur mesure, ce serait plus compliqué pour les défensives adverses de priver Durant d'une possibilité de jeu.

I agree Lestaf. I posted earlier, perhaps on another thread, that the interception was a very nice play. There are bad interceptions, and then this one...this was a beautiful defensive play. Now, that being said DD and Jones need to look at some particular footage, because teams are seeing a tell...I have not looked close enough to see what that is, but there is one. Malik Jackson had almost and identical interception for the Stamps.

As far as an additional big play WR...I feel they have it, they just need to decide who won the audition. I really thought Harper was the guy, and still kinda do, but it is looking like Smith will be the new weapon. The Addition of Harris obviously muddies those waters a bit.

Good catch depop: I was thinking the same thing. Hamilton picked up on that on/of what ever the tell was; I noted this in another thread somewhere that the OC for Hamilton was using the same plays [but different schemes] on route to their victory in that game.