what went wrong last night?

I thought the over all game was pretty sloppy on both sides. My biggest problem again is the refing in this league. What the hell was that electronic interference call in the last two minutes. The refs helped the Al's on three seperate plays, all while the Bombers seemed in control.

Childs looked damn good, but the Al's O-line looked like crap, so that could have been a factor.


Michna did not look to impresive, he looked better last year.

Quinn could be a surprise. He looked comfortable in the pocket for his first CFL game ever. His pass in the End Zone to Mccord was sweet and on the money. He just needs to make faster reads. All in All, I liked what he did.

Banks is for sure a great scrambler, he did not show the abillity to find the open receiver though. He still has promise.

Glenn, did not look very good, IMO. He seemed very nervous, and a little confused. Although I have read he is 14 for 20 as a starter in the CFL, he sure needs to step it up, if he wants to retain the starting job.

I would say that Quinn was the best QB for the Blue on Friday.

good thing Childs was running against the Al’s D-Line and not the O-Line

Whoops, what would I do with out your great sense of perception “Blue”… I think that was a fairly simple mistake, that most could figure out without a smart A$$ comment. Don’t you think :wink:

of course but smart A$$ comments are needed once in awhile