what went wrong last night?

I blame the QB's for losing they all have problems. the recivers were great overall and childs was AWSOME!. we would have won if westwood got that field goal instead of that 1 point

I dont want this year being a disaster

what went wrong last night Nothing really...great offensive line ...runningbacks...much better d better coaching question for me is at the quarterback position. But hey its a preseason game on a team with lots of changes...

we only lost by one point, and that was because Montreal got the 2 point convert at the last minute.

what I'd like to know is that if Montreal had a FG hit the post, cuz with my AP scores, the game is a tie at 27, but if the Mon ball hit the post, they would still win by one.

anyone at the game, can you tell me if Montreal had any FG hit the post?

Bombers are looking good!

Personally I thought Banks was our best QB out there. He was like our minny McNabb

it doesnt really matter… Its inly pre-season, and we didnt have our top 2 running backs, top wide reciever, and it was mostly rookies playing. Pre-season has no indication for what is going to happen in the year. The colts went 0-4 in the preseason last year and look what hapened.

forget the Montreal FG, I figure it out, it wasn't due to ball contact, which means that under my rules, Winnipeg and Montreal tied at 27, so that's not to shabbily for the Bombers! :thup:

Don’t worry! its just preseason!

You got it right esk123. I remember losing 53-0 one year then cleaning up for the rest of it. I am a lot more concerned about our kicking than the score.

KK…it’s only preseason, please tell me you’re NOT going to be hijacking threads this year with commentary regarding AP’s and various rule changes again?

Read it closely KK…Key word in this is…NOT :wink:

our Qb's concern me. Glenn looked just like he did last year. we need a better QB if we want to compete with the top teams. ill wait till the first game to start having serious doubts on Glenn. then ill wait till labour day before i give up on him. cant afford to have him in there all season if he isnt producing.

am I the only one that thought Banks was impressive?

Yes, he is impressive...great scrambling ability. What went wrong ?..according to Berry...the penalties that broke down promising Bomber drives. What went right.?..the amount of fans who came out to support our Bombers...way to go Winnipeg...

most of the QB's were good except Michna he didn't impress me at all Banks is good for scrambling and glenn needs to work on 4th quarter stuff

if I find out that my scores say different and HELP a team, not hurt them, then why not?

the bottom line is that the Bombers did well, and should be a force to be reacken with this season.

reacken eh?

the bottom line is that the Bombers did well, and should be a force to be reacken with this season.
of course they are they have the deadliest defence in teh league

If all QB’s perfrom in a similar fashion. Bombers should go with Banks, he has the potential to be great.

I dont know about what went wrong since I didnt hear the game....but it seems like there were many things to be impressed with....the play of Childs, the oline, Walls and the D......and now they have weeded out the pretenders....

I was at the game and couldn’t agree more, Pigseye. Would’ve like to see more pressure from the D, but I think that’ll come. Too much talent on the Dline…Warner looked pretty good on the inside, too, by the way. Glenn is still my pick for starter.

im not sure banks has that much potential. hes good at scrabling and everything, but his passing side doesnt seem all that great. he’s not doing very well at all, i think he’ll end up on the PR to get used to the system and develope him. but right now i think the depth chart looks like.

Glenn(if he can step it up)
michna(banks may replace him once developed)