What weather related "bowls" are we yet to have.

We have had the often league promoted Mud Bowl, Fog Bowl, and Ice Bowl. As well as the lesser known Wind Bowl, Rain Bowl, and Snow Bowl. But what extreme weather conditions have yet to wreak havoc on the Grey Cup? Will there ever be a Hail Bowl or a Thunder Bowl?

the 20 uv bowl

then there is the cross border shopping bowl where at half time there is a USA sale announcement and everyone leaves to go get themselve some.

or would that be called the unpatriotic bowl.

how about the oil bowl when a pipeline burst near a stadium

The fact that we have destroyed this planet assures someday their will be a Heat Bowl where the temp is 30 C in Winnipeg... Also, the earthequake/tsunami bowl.... Acid Rain Bowl , and Nuclear Winter Bowl and the Chinesse Occuation Bowl are probably in the future.

Looks like I G F good possible have the Water Polo Bowl this year !

You sure have a hatred going for the Bombers and their new stadium. I just want say that I hope the Ti-Cats new stadium is as great a place to watch games as IWS was ! I'm also looking forward to seeing a game or two in Guelph. Situations like that are a big reason I love the CFL.

The Brass Monkey Bowl?

The Cats and Dogs Bowl? ..... no that was in '82.

.... ummmmmm......

Toilet Bowl (Hamilton Vs Winnipeg)

Funny one Birdbrain69.

Nah...someone already made that joke about the Leafs having an outdoor stadium for themselves.

Anyways, the Hail Bowl has yet to happen....and that's kinda a good thing for the fans.

The Crack Bowl (Vancouver and Toronto lead by coach Rob Ford)

The "Smoke a" Bowl (Giving new meaning to Rider Green)

It's a good thing that Ivor Wynne stadium didn't end up at Confederation Park. One Rush hour game and the right window blowing off of the steel mills and we'd have had the "Smog Bowl"

I laughed.

Toilet Bowl must be played at the Rogers Centre though, an absolute MUST. :lol: