what we need to do now

  1. We have no big play guys on defence that can gte sacksm funbles , interceptions etc
  2. OUr DLINE cannot contain and there is no pass rush or run defence. There is not one guy that can get to the qb.
    3 We have no db that can play man to man or creat interceptions.

This is lal we need toi know about the defence . no big play guys, no pass rusher no shit down db and no run stuffer.


Burris has lost alot and makes so many mistakes ...poor passes ...losing the ball. Our run game is poor and our play selection
is bad . We are not using fantuz, giguerre or stalla nearly enough.

what to do

Bring in a bunch of NFL cuts and CFL free agents for the dline and defensive backfield , See if we can find a keeper.
Possibly trade for one the guys we are lacking .
Winnipeg may be looking to make a trade ...

We need veterans :

Bring back colburne for his ability to pick up teh blitz and read plays and getr those tough yards
Bring in Aron hunt and Anwar Stewart now along with NFL cuts for the dline
Put Tisdale back in the defensive backield AND
GET eiben in the lineup to utilze his experience
get stala in there to utlize his experience.
trade Giguere, Peach ,BOUDREAU, Hinds , Chevon WaLKER TO Winnipeg for Logan and Willis as winnipeg season is lost and they could use siome young guys

So the new lineup looks like this








sounds like a good idea to use stella more and put colborne back in...we have let a lot of canadian receivers go as well as lineman and defensive backs who seem to be doing well on other teams...maybe obie is past his capabilities...

Umm. . . Willis is in Saskatchewan. . .

Exactly which "CFL free agents" are just sitting around unemployed waiting for us to call them? :roll: Stewart is done & Hunt is likely out of shape, although I'd be willing to give him a try. There are no out of work db's that would make this team better right now. If you can name one, go ahead.

And re your trade idea....you want to trade 5 starters to Winnipeg for their starting safety & a guy who's not on their team anymore??? :?

I don't know why it's so hard to spell the names of your own players correctly.

Avon Cobourne.
Dave Stala.
Samuel Giguere.

Onto the ideas themselves...

I don't know of a single football team in recent memory that has made the kind of drastic, sweeping changes you are suggesting in the middle of a season, particularly when the team is only two points out of a playoff spot. You can dream about it all you want, but it will simply not happen.

I already noted weeks ago that Aaron Hunt was released from the Als precisely because he couldn't function effectively as a nose-tackle in a 3-4, yet you want to bring him to Hamilton? Eiben isn't a starter anymore and would be ineffective in a 3-4. Neither Eiben nor Johnson is big enough to be the extra 'jack' LB in a 3-4 alignment; you need a DE body type at that spot, somebody at least 6'2'' and 240 lbs. who can beat a block to get to the quarterback, as opposed to coming free to the QB on a blitz.

In terms of practical suggestions, I would chuck all this 3-4 business (far too late to install a new playbook and new alignment) and instead bring in Eric Wilson purely for his run-stopping ability. You guys have had trouble stopping the run this season (albeit not against the Argos yesterday) and Wilson would help solidify the D-line against the run.

Sorry guys about the willis misundertsanding

to make it simple we need a true established rush end and none of our current guys can get the job done
we need more veterans in general at defensive line

we may indeed have a good rush end, at least he has the pedigree and showed it in the Peg game. yet the DC does not seem to want to get him back into the line up - Bruce Davis, a former team mate of Hickman at UCLA

Yes, Davis showed something. But that was one half of one game. That does not a superstar make. I'm not sure how, but Obie should find, sign, trade for, or brew up in his laboratory, a rush end that can get some pressure. Add to that a stout tackle who demands a double team and things should start to come around. Until then.... ?

were done this season. Cortez has not got a clue on how to use his talent and Creehan is wet behind the ears and never sticks to what is working defensivley

Eiben has been a starter in a 3-4 defence before as an outside linebacker, so he could be effective.

we will win the Argo game if this defence can hold TO to under 30 points

We will win if the DC unleases the dogs, as opposed to making them play his robotic position system. Reading between the lines in post game interviews, clearly the defensive players are frustrated with what they are forced to do under Creehan's scheme as opposed to what they can do if they are allowed to play football. Player changes may only slightly modify the defence, but the flawed scheme will remain the same

If the DC changes his approach and our defence plays well as I believe it is capable of playing, TiCat nation will be happy. However, if we have yet another of our typical defensive debacles courtesy Creehan, I guarantee that I and all Cat fans will be screaming for the head of the DC, or walking away from the team for the rest of this year due to the team's lack of interest in fixing what needs fixing.

Being passionate and loyal to the Cats is one thing (multi season multi season tickets is proof), but passion and loyalty to the team should not be confused with blind stupidity. I am not inclined to be paying over $400 per game for my tix just to see the same defensive woes continue to unfold with indifference from the management. I am stuck for this year but the bitter memory of being taken for granted just to see a DC learn the game while I craved a Grey Cup birth (would now just settle for a playoff spot), will linger.

Normally I would have even had a group going to the Rogers to cheer on the Tabbies tomorrow, but being jaded, the abilty of having an off switch in my hand when our 2nd half defensive woes commence tomorrow, seemed to be a better idea

Hoping for the best, but realistically expecting another defensive meltdown.

What a coincidence....that's essentially what John Salavantis said:

"Just looking at the defensive side, the players appear to be more robotic than they need to be. By that, I mean that they need to turn it loose and stop worrying about what the textbook says they should do. They should just get out and play, much like we saw Rey Williams play in the last game. He can run, he’s athletic, he’s smart: Turn him loose and let him play the game. To me, the whole thing with the defence right now is that they aren’t playing to win as much as they are playing not to lose.?

From Drew's article in today's Spec:

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/794035--so-what-s-wrong-with-the-ticats]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... the-ticats[/url]

Here is Casey Creehan's explanation from Drew's blog.


[ This quote is from Steve Milton ]

"We have great linebackers here and I'm doing more and more to highlight our linebackers, " Creehan says.
"We have great talent at other positions, as well, but it's younger, it's still developing.

I'd be a fool not to highlight our linebackers more, " he added.

That could mean more schemes up front to prevent offensive linemen from penetrating downfield
to block Williams and Johnson, keeping them "clean" to better inhibit the run.

Or it could mean more penetration by the linebackers, which is
where some of their best pressure has come from this year.

While sacks are not always an accurate indicator of putting the passer under duress -

the Ticats got to Ricky Ray a lot on Monday but had no official sacks -

over time, consistent pressure is reflected in sack totals.
And the Cats are heading toward a lowly 20 for the entire season.

"In the last game, the pressure was there, but in general? No, " Creehan says.

"We're not getting enough pressure. We have a young D-line
and it takes time to develop rushers. One of the hardest skills,

if not the hardest, in the game is rushing the passer.
"We're young and they're learning out there.

That's not the answer I'm going to succumb to and
that's not the answer the fans want to hear, but it's the truth.

"I wish I had the answer to that," he says.

[ four straight fourth-quarter leads have not stood up - on his watch. ]

"The best thing I can tell you is I've got to keep doing a better job of keeping
the game simple for the five or six rookies that are out there on the field,

so they can produce at the end of the games like they are at the beginning.

"I can tell you this: I am doing the very best job I can possibly do, and I understand
the results aren't there right now and that this is a results-based business.

All I can do is the best I can do and, if it's not good enough,
it's not good enough. But, right now … I just worry about

putting my head down and helping these guys get better."

[Steve Milton] He's got to help them get better.

And it's got to happen this weekend in Toronto.

And the front four has more motivation now:

with Davis around, next week there won't be room for one of them.


I am not a member of the "everybody is a bum" crowd but
I am so very frustrated and disappointed with the losses

and the Defence.

Apparently, George Cortez's criteria right now is
to score us one more point than the opposition

I can't believe he said that. He seems to keep trying
to aggravates us fans with his answers in interviews

His rookie-laden Defence won't get us any points

they cost us a lot points which makes harder for Our Offence and

Special teams to measure up and score one more point than the Argos

Come on Henry and Chis lead us to victory. We desperately need it.

He was a starter years ago. He is past his prime and not a legit starter in any good defense today, in 2012, unless injuries force your hand.

What makes you say he is past his prime. Is it because he had a bad game in week 1 just like the rest of the defence. The fact of the matter is, this guy is still in great shape and they should some how utilize him in the defence. Right now the defence sucks and it wouldn't hurt to give him some snaps to help the defence stop the run.

I have to agree with D&P on this one. Eiben is not an every down player anymore. He can still contribute on special teams and occasionally on defense, but expecting him to be an effective starter at this point in his career is asking a lot. Think of Eiben as this season's Barrenechea and Mariuz. Good players that can contribute, but not starting calibre players.

He's 33, not a starter unless someone gets injured, and really, hasn't done anything impressive in this league for a couple of years. He's basically a NI ratio body who can put in some decent work on special teams. Looking around the league, he doesn't start on any good team's linebacking corps unless injuries leave a spot open.