What we missed in Scott Gordon


a slow overrated player, gimme a break, it aint like he is the second coming of ronnie lott.

Wow, a team that actually enjoys coming to work and hanging out with one another, instead of just putting in their time and collecting paycheques.

Corey Holmes looked like he was having a blast. I wonder if the atmosphere was a little different for him in the Ticat locker room last year? If so, maybe Bob should install some ping-pong tables in the dressing room at Ivor Wynne, too.

Dennis Mc Fee made an interesting remark
about a possible reason for last year's team
not having team chemistry or team unity.

He said in previous years players came in the AM
well before their 1 PM meetings and practices
to work out and they got to know each other.

Last year, with AM practices, they came in
to prepare for practice as early as 8 AM

and many of them left right after practice
and they didn't do much socializing as a group.

where did scott gordon goto again

We traded Gordon back to the Riders shortly after we aquired him. Presumably because he disappointed Ticat coaches due to the fact that he couldn't beat out Wayne Shaw at safety.

I'm shocked!...someone worse than Wayne Shaw?..
didn't think that was possible!!