What we learned tonight...

The Als defense can only play good with a lead...

The special teams coordinator has to be fired. The Als are getting NOTHING absolutely nothing on punt/kick returns. Aweful!

Eric Wilson needs to learn that in the CFL there is a yard between the 2 lines (his offside penalty on a 3rd and one made the Als give up a touchdown).

The O-line is old, very old and they showed their age tonight.

Trestmann's offense has become very predictable, already...


Everytime Ireland and his crew officiate against Montreal...

OH, and use CAHOON more!!!

That was the sound of the fans falling off the bandwagon!

There you go again! I bring up legitimate concerns (did you watch this game?), and you say I am falling off the bandwagon. Too easy my friend... If I was off the bandwagon, I would be celebrating with the Stamps players at Chez Paree:

[url=http://www1.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=26970]http://www1.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphp ... ic&t=26970[/url]

I am only pointing out weaknessess.

So, I guess you do not agree with my points and you have a sound counter argument for each/some of them?

I want Payton back. :frowning:

Yah, its one game. Bottom line is that the game was never out of reach.

AC threw for 350 yards....that is hardly a predictable offence, Had he not injured his hand I am quite sure the outcome would have been different.

There were some bad penalties taken by the Als
but that Offside on the stopped 3rd down attempt was rediciously to close to call!
There were 2 PIs in the endzone that were equally close but not called and a 3rd one in the third quarter that should have been

I do agree about the kick/punt return game.....Armestead has not even been average this year

Reply:That has to get better.

I replied within your text but wrote reply before my answers (I could not find a better way to do it).

Our special teams have been poor this year. It's an area that has to be addressed.

As for the D, we need a better pass rush, flat-out. I don't think we've had a really good pass rush since about 2004. Claybrooks is good but we need another interior lineman so we can get pressure up the middle.

It's not the coordinator's fault, Armstead just sucks at returning.

Then why is he a returner?

I remember that play....it was well after the whistle blew and right infront of the ref....and no flag....

I will try and post it later on today.

I think I would prefer to have Jake over Andre Proulx.

Dont get me wrong I think Proulx is one of the best Refs in the league but I think he does not want to be accused of favoritism so he calls everything against Montreal.

Well, IMHO, they lost a close game to one of the elite teams in the league. Right now, the only area that I am concerned with is the return game. Armstead has really disappointed me.

Also, I noticed that AC was looking at his wristband during the second half. Was he calling his own plays during that second half? I wonder because the offense in the 3rd and 4th quarters looked a lot like the one from last year...predictable with no imagination.

1- I don't think Armstead has been doing a bad job. A lot of times, he's missing just 1 block, and he's gone. Punt return coverage is a little slow, a lot of times I see Armstead pick up 5-10 yards, and that's him makeing a lot out of nothing. It needs work, but to say he should be fired...

2- It was a dumb mistake. I agree. That TD came back to bite us in the butt. You're right, Eric Wilson learned that tonight!

3- What showed their age tonight? Calgary blitzed a lot tonight. They're definately not what they used to be, but their not given any credit this year. A lot of people don't have respect for the Offensive Line position, which is just a shame to call them out because they had trouble holding the fort down on a Blitz.

4- No, not really. Calvillo had almost 250 yards in the first half. Calgary didn't give him that. Montreal's Defense was on the field for long drives a lot in the 2nd Half last night, that kept the Offense cold. The plays in the Als Offense change every week, for different opponents.

5- I agree, Calvillo needs to pay a bit more attention to Cahoon. But Jamel Richardson is a big target too now, he's come up with big catches and big plays, same can be said about Cobourne and Desriveaux.

6- I come to expect that from Montreal sports fans... "Les refs si, les refs ca!"

Now back on topic. What have we learned tonight?

First of all, Calgary is a damn good team. Chris Jones has transformed that Defense. Montreal did good offensively in the 1st half and struggled in the 2nd half, because Calgary made the better adjustments at Half time, plain and simple.

Defensively, they showed they're weakness, and that's MOBILE Quarterbacks. Also, their Zone coverage allows their receivers to be wide open. Last night, the catches for the Stamps receivers won't come any easier than that. They catch it, and the nearest guy is 5 yards away. I really want Reggie Hunt to step in. He is an amazing QB Spy. He'll cover his zone, at the same time as watching the QB, if the QB decides to get out of the pochet, then he'll make him pay. I know Reggie coming in, will result in Ferri coming out or swapping positions, but this defense is young and needs the leadership of a proven, elite Linebacker.

What's the most important thing they've learned? Their beatable. That's why their gonna have to put 100% efforts and play all 60 minutes in every game. It's good to see them lose now, and not let their heads get big, rather lose later on in the season, and lose all momentum going into the playoffs.

Also, Calgary was projected to finish 1st in the league this year, and we're suppose to finish 6th of 8. But we still manage to give them a run for their money, and lose by 4 points. I wouldn't be surprised if Montreal returns the favour to the Stampeders, in Calgary.

I dont believe AC is calling his plays.....He gets a signal from the bench....a code word if you will, and he uses the wrist band to convert the codeword into a play

You could be right. I don't see why they would give him back the play calling in the first place. Even he appears to prefer to have the signals called in from the bench.

Anthony said he's more comfortable someone else calling the plays and concentrating on what the Defense is doing, so he can concentrate on his game only, and not worrying about calling a play, also.

Because you guy's don't have anyone better apparently.

There's a reason people in Saskatchewan wanted him to stop returning kicks. We haven't really changed anything except returners, and our return game is amazingly better.

Because 1 bad game by someone turns the city against him…