What we hate about the Bombers

now thats cultural sensitivity...

Pitbull. With regard to the fans, keep in mind that at every dam Bombers game played in Canad Inns, fans just leave the game when they expect a loss and not when there’re 1 or 2 minutes remaining, but a complete quarter. Even the TSN broadcasters were laughing of that lack of support when it first happened last season against BC. Besides, “Bombers fans boo their own team during games, I’m glad to join an organization who’s got support” said Khari Jones when he was traded. So don’t criticize the Als fans for something you’re own team always do. About your contention on Quebec, it’s misplaced and I don’t give a shit about it. Say whatever you want man, your arguments are worthless.

I do.

Master Max makes some...interesting comments. I have to agree with the dance routines in the End Zone.....Way too much over-kill. Same with whining to the refs. Terry Ray's performance with the Ref's last year was pretty bad. The only beef the Bomber fans had with the Ref's was the high hit on Stokes.

Now getting back to why everyone rates them so low. Kanga seems to be the only BB fan know. I think the inexperience in Quarterback will hurt them. The receiving core while good in their prime is getting on in years. I didn't say washed up, but does Stegall still have the speed? I think they got better in coaching with Jim Daley. Not sure about the O-line either. I like the defensive front 7, but the secondary has some holes. Not a Bell fan.

Just a few reasons. Don't let Master Max get too far under your skin....

Master Max, just maybe the fans felt that Kahri had his chances and just could not get the job done. I feel the Bomber fans are very dedicated to their team. I seem them sit in all types of weather and seem to support their team. As far as leaving early that is their privlege. They paid for theri seats. I have not seen the broadcasters laughing. So I do not know what you are inferring. I am a Stamp fan now the last few years has been a laugh and I do not mean the players. I think if anything the reason for other fans not respecting the bombers come from when they had a very good defensive team and they use to hotdog after each tackle. I do not hate the bombers for this it brings excietment to their team.

kk is not the onlybomber fan remaining. there are indeed many of us. as for the fans, the reinbold era hurt us bad and only lately are the bombers recovering from that. as for leaving early. last year it was largely the weather. all our home games seemed to come with terrible weather. this does regrettably hurt attendence(and not only in the peg) when you look at the empty seats on television you do not see how many people move to higher up seats to hide from the rain. it looks likke everyone has left on tv but many have merely retreated to cover. bomber chances this year-- better than they get credit for. khari was our whipping boy last year and i feel for him. he deserveed better. he is not suited for junior ron's offense-- i would say no one really is but esp not khari who relies on spreading out a defense-- and he was forced to play injured last year which is never good. o line is a legitimate concern as is the secondary which is healthier and vastly improved this year. recievers are not the best in the league but definently adequate to be a threat to defenses. defensive froont will be good- qb will be interesting and will make or break the year for the blue and gold. i think they will be good enough to make the playoffs which most people seem to think highly unlikely. that is fine will talk trash later. special teams is strong. best move of the offseason rl jr to edmonton. i think the whole league will apprecieate that one-- esp edm fans!! as long as we win the series against the riders again this season i will be smiling at the end of the year. what can i say i love living in sask while cheering for my blue and gold.

the most people i ask of what team they hate the most in the CFL and the majority say the Al's so majority over miniority sorry max

Hey 2005, I didn't say anything about the bomber fans. I said the bombers players and coaching staff whine after every call. And that maybe why they get some tough breaks. So relax, its time for your medicine 2005.

Stegallfan. I must confess your argument is the weakest I ever read. Firstly, the point isn't to determine which team's the most popular, so the fact you brought has no connection whatsoever with this forum subject. By the way, there're other forums where you could have thrown such a crap. Anyways, how many people have you been asking that to? To whom? When? At this rate I could have written the same crap inversely and it would have been as much unconvincing as it is. You can say whatever you want when your words are based on stupid hearsays. You're sorry? So am I, for your way to prove other person's opinion pathetically. Whatever. People normally hate the best teams. So I'm not surprised at all if people disparage the Als and the Esks.

" Down with the moral majority, 'cause I want to be the minority" - Greenday.
And I'm proud of it.
Stegallfan, take back your crap.

now now...MM.... I will have to tell you like Kanga.....Stegalfan is totally entitled to his opinion and posts.....so if you don't like the 'moral majority' that means you must be a part of the 'immoral minority'.........MAJORITY RULES... :lol:

papazoola. What a wily conclusion you established here! What a shrewd link! "moral majority"..."immoral minority" wooooooooshh...hard to get. You almost beat Propaqadhi when it comes to pun on words. Besides, I never called into question Stegallfan's right to have his own opinions, contentions and post 'em. However, with the same prerogative, I can retort, refute, disprove the spurious contents of his posts. It's not that I hate moral majority. I hate mediocre comments, just like yours.


he's perfectly entitled to say this, isn't he, papazoola? after all, you're the legitimate guarantor of democracy on this site. Respect!

Really I think you should relax and read your post again. Because it is what I said.

J'pars en Europe et vive les Alouettes. Alors si vous me répliquez quoi que ce soit vous débatterez tout seul. Peu importe, ce qu'il y avait à dire sur ce forum a été dit. Mais n'oubliez pas: PERSONNE ne s'est opposé directement au premier texte, ce qui confirme la vraisemblance de mon point de vue. LOL

Goin to Europe and let's go Als. So if you retort my remarks you'll debate alone. Whatever, things that had to be said on this forum have been said. Now I don't wanna translate anymore. Learn french.

NOW MASTER MAX with all of that venom spewing forth and with that totally incoherent buddy of yours gadescup ....you make quite a pair....even free speech has its limits; it has to be within the realm of sanity.....so I would ask you to please be a little more mindful and informed with your comments......and by the way I am BILINGUAL should I choose to be but quite frankly people like you do not encourage me to be so.....so bye bye mon ami.....dancing in the end zone .......dancing in the end zone. :lol: :lol: :lol:

you just got SCOOPED max

The bombers aren't the only team that celebrates when we score. Every otehr team does it too. The wrs are the only ones that celebrate in the end zone, and we don't dance when we get a catch. Thats mtl and TO.
Cocky? Look at the riders. They think they are good enough to have 13, or 14 wins. They expect it. Even though they haven't gotten any better in the off season. Jus ta year older. And they lost there qb. Who was good. and now are stuck with greene. And he's terrible.
And also look at the argos, edm, cal, and bc. They have abused the cap mercilessly. You don't like the bombers? Thats fine. But try taking a good look around once and a while.
No offence? What you said was offencive. Saying No offense doesn't make it any better. If I said "your dumb as bricks, no offence though." Thats still an insult. (Im not saying your dumb as bricks)

Forget all that. The Bombers get no respect around the league and that's the bottom line. However we will do are talking on the field this year. All us Bomber fans know that teams are scared of us. We don't need million dollar pay roles to kick butt. As for celebrations, come on dude. You know you want to get some dancing lessons from Milt and the boys. Don't be a hater.

what i hate about the bombers is that we havent won the grey cup in so long. we are due for a championship!!