What we hate about the Bombers

No doubt about it. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are the most amateurish team of the league. They're cocky : every single catch require a misplaced celebration...wow...you caught the ball...They're ridiculous: there're not 3 players dancing in the zone after a TD, there're not 4, there're approximatively 10...sometimes even the defense guys join in...sympathetic, but pathetic. Every time one of their receivers miss the ball, they always claim for a penalty when there's no reason whatsoever for a penalty to be assigned. Obviously, when they're cut for an illegal contact, a face mask or a holding, they're never wrong and they even try to find out who else on the field must shift the blame. They're never able to accept a loss, always spoiling for a fight or any other shit while there's barely a minute remaining in the game. Finally, it happens - and that's the most shameful fact - that their coach "forget" to shake the hand of the opposite team coach. Well, that's a touch of class and sport spirit. Let's go Blue Bombers! Ironically.

No ill feelings for Bomber fans!

Did someone in bomber jersey pee in your cornflakes!

I hope not.

Master Max.....or isn't it Master of Exageration ?

[quote="Propagdhi"]Master Max.....or isnNice pun on words! :lol:

Nice pun on words! :lol:

he must of woken up in the day and thought im going to whine about how much the bombers kick my teams ass in the bomber forum on CFL.ca

My team is Montreal, so at your utmost surprise, it's your team's ass that get kicked badly, season after season. Trust me, Bombers will be rotting in the lower depths of the standings all season long and by the way, Stegall should seriously think about goin into retirement. He has had his day.

^^ I agree whole-heartedly

^^ I agree whole-heartedly

well at least our franchise has been with the cfl since its started unlike your team that pussyed out in 87 and every time i see the Als having a good record in the year they always loose in the playoffs what a crap team

Is that why the won the Grey Cup in 2002? I'm not even an Al's fan, but I am a Rider fan so I have to argue agains the Bomber faithful, it's my natural instinct.

Kanga we must respect free speech and expressed opinion, even from MadMax....however we don't have to take stock in any misplaced and uninformed crap that was uttered in MM's post. Iim sure it is out of shear frustration at what is taking place with his team.....PREDICTION....... the big slide to the bottom starts for the AL'S this year.....and if anyone is starting to look a little worn and considering a new line of work it is Anthony Calvillo. Too bad Max the ride is over......lookin forward to doing a little dancin' in your ENDZONE.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

the Bombers are the best the only i hate is the F*%kin Refs

papazoola. I respect your prediction as much as you respect mine. However, if you think, claim, accept the idea that the Als' ride is over, you'll get screwed as soon as the season will start 'cause they'll prove you're wrong by winning - as usual - their six first games in a row if not more. So outspread ya ass 'cause it's always more pleasant to get screwed when you're willing.

Just like the bomber fans to complain about the reffing. If your team didn't whine and complain after every call maybe, they would take it easy on the players the next time something so so happened.

Thats funny he is saying the Bomber players whine, have you heard the Rider fans.

MadMax....First six games in a row ,you'll win, to start the season.....and then what... in the tank for the rest.....c'mon you can't screw with an old fornicator with that stuff.......Why don't you admit it MM you guys have had a pretty good run and your tank is just about empty. You lost alot of FA's and its gonna hurt...people of the calibre you lost, don't desert a winning team. You have to admit A.C. LOOKED A LITTLE SHAKEY toward the end of last year. Forget TO. THEY GOT YOUR NUMBER....and the Cats are looking awfully hungry....watchout if they get a QB......ALSO the rest of the league has got the 'Don' figured out.....no more signal stealing and all that crap. Well you're right in one respect you have your predict. I have mine, and I guess the proof will be coming up shortly as the season unfolds.....as for the screwing' it seems like you have some previous experience at it, as you seem to know how pleasant it was for a willing participant such as yourself.... Looking forward to the new BOMBER dance routines.. :smiley:

If the Als had a season where they didn't make the playoffs, the fan finicky MOntreal would abandon them in a second. That's how Quebec people are. They jump on only the winning bandwagon, as soon as it looks to lose, off they go.

Quebec is the most backwards place I've ever seen.