What We Desperately Need...

Just a little clip from the dressing room of the 2001 National Champion Miami Hurricanes. We need a player in our locker room like Ed Reed if we are ever gonna win a championship again. This video gives me chills every time I watch it... Enjoy!


People won't like it here. Some fans have misgivings about the meaning of US College Football.

a guy screaming gives you chills? ok..

Actually the intencity and heart felt passion for the game of football gives me chills because I've actually been in a football locker room when I played and just seeing how much football means to someone and how they get when the team needs someone to step up and be a leader.

But I guess that means nuthing to you since you are a FAN and have probably never played in competitive Tackle football. I understand...your probably the type of fan that leaves early to beat the traffic home instead of watching untill the dier end no matter the score.

Also while I'm on a roll here...I don't see WHY people wont like it here i'm not showing college football i'm showing a guy with PASSION trying to fire his team up. Thats why I posted the topic and stated that we need guys like Ed Reed on our team with passion for the game like he has. If people on this site do not like this topic I'll stop posting all together and just support the team and take my passion for football onto the college fan sites.

Good post, Last year there was a major problem in that locker room with no PASSION and some great players. Team chemistry was a real problem last year. Hey boys what bar we going to after the game :roll: :lol:

I actually have played the game. I played all the time I was in high school and then 3 years in university (one with Western and 2 with Waterloo) and I was a safety/cornerback.

Many players get worked up in different ways and I was a much more internally worked up guy. Most players can produce and play well without screaming and acting crazy.

BTW.. thanks for insulting me and reaching conclusions on me when you don't even know me.

First of all I was lashing back at your homosexual remark you came to concluding on me so I think it is only fare you got what you deserve. Personally I could care less about your post but just the fact that you would go out of your way to post a remark so totally off topic it made me a little mad.

thats all for now or for good we will see...

I was not implying that you were gay at all. I was simply lost as to why a guy screaming gives you chills. Thats all..

Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Well the way you came across by just coming out and saying it the way you did came across as a sarcastic gay remark witch was totally uncalled for. The fact you even posted it made me mad considering I was talking about the passion and fire he had for the game and that we needed players like him playing for us. Thats all I have to say about this whole situation.

from what ive seen, the most intense player last year had to have been Armour, im sorry but the guys is a nutcase! i love his attitude he talks he keeps ppl agnry fires up the defence. at the Exh game as winnepeg entered the dressing room he talks shit to all the players, staring them down, getting them scared, and when he was on the feild he would be jumping around hitting teamates getting them into it, i like him alot!

Exactly what I'm talking about man he is definatly a great player to get our team fired up.

Now this is what I wanted to talk about not arguing with people trying to bash me so thank you Blitz21 for posting something that isn't garbage or negative and lets forget about the garbage that was posted previous no hard feelings too zenstate and lets talk football!!!!!!!

I'll just lock this thread and leave it here as a great example of how not to behave on these forums.

Stick to discussing football, or whatever else Ticats or Hamilton related you like. But leave each other out of it. It never ends happily - as this little debate illustrates.