What we can do to help sell out the Playoff game!

First: Chat the Cats up with your friends, co-workers, families etc, let them know they are playing the best football we've seen in years.

Second: Organize a playoff game group with tailgate.
Set up an account with the Cats tickets agents, get your friends, family and coworkers money and get the Cats group deal on tickets.
(Hey if 100 of us bring 10 people that's an extra 10 bums in the seats or if a 1000 of us bring one person it's an extra 1000 bums in the seats....oh wait. So if 1000 of us bring one person and 100 of us bring 10 people...that's 2000 in the seats. Hmm so if 1000 of us bring 5 people then that's 5000.......sorry I got carried away.)

Get your friends, family and coworkers together in Lot J 3 hours before the game with BBQ and food cooking and contribute to the playoff atmosphere!

With a Ticats marketing and a little grassroots ticket sales from us, we'll sell IWS out for sure!

Go Cats Go!

im buying 9 tickets

I bought 6 this morning.

I don't think there is much we can really do at this point. Tickets seems to be flying off the shelves and all signs point to a sell out.

I already bought 6 or 7

You don't know how many tickets you purchased? I hope your not an accountant.

Bought 11, great job everyone keep up the great work.

I wish I could go but I am short on money but I will be cheering and watching the cats win on TV :rockin: :rockin:

Bought two.

Besides for my 2 seasons. I ordered 7 extras. For the first time that I can remember I actually had a friend call me to get him some tickets instead of trying to flog my trade-ins. Wahoooooooo should be soooooooo good.

Bought 6...Box H will be loud

i bought a pair for box H.

cooulda prolly got a few more friends to go, but by the time i rally everyone together, the good tix woulda been gone.
ticketmaster rep already had a hard time finding anything but singles in box H or box J.

Bug them to go anyways - and meet up at before and at halftime :smiley:

I'm picking up 4 for friends. I'll be working the game

This is awesome!
Keep up the great effort everyone.

Just a heads up, I'll be in Lot J tailgating at 8:00 am. Come over and say hello.
I'll be in the straw cowboy hat.

My dad wants to go, and he's not even a big football fan. Neither is my fiancee.

But they both got a ticket, and they are looking forward to Sunday.

If I can get them to a game, then you die hards can get a couple of your own friends and family to a game. Lets sell it out and rock the joint.