What was your lucky contribution?

Something helped the Ticats post their best effort of the season. And while logic would suggest it was the result of a great effort by our players and great coaching, most of us fans know that it was something we did.

In my case, Bubba O'Neil of CHtv asked me why I didn't have my hat on while watching practice on Thursday and I mentioned changing my routine of always wearing a hat was my contribution to helping change the 'Cat's fortunes. It clearly worked!

What was your contribution?


Driving from Toronto to take in the game.

An Argo-Cat fan

Watching from here in Vancouver with my heart on my sleeve.

Sitting in Sec 7 beside 2 guys from Winnipeg, who flew in for the game.
So I'll ask them to come back for the rest of the season.
Good fun and friendly jousting all night
To Greg and Shawn...cheers boys! :thup:

The penny is still in the turf.... :wink:

Your 'hat thingy' was a stroke of genius also I must admit.

Personally, though, I think it was neither of those two things... I think Robbie the Tiger walking around the locker room and doing the 'tunnel walk' was the key if we can at all attribute anything to motivating the players to live up to the tradition.......

that was very cool! :thup:

Delete "Vancouver," insert "Verdun, Quebec" for me.

I also think applying an extra coat of Windex to the TV screen pre-game allowed me to see THREE PASSING TDs in indisputable clarity. LOL

I gave my head a shake and it was not a dream. I googled "productive passing offense" and was not treated to a discussion of Hamilton archeology. :wink:

In short, it was precisely the kind of competitive effort I expect from a rebuilding team. Pure entertainment!

Oski Wee Wee,

Wearing the Tiger Cat tee shirt while watching the game on TV last night. I bought it at the stadium a month ago when I was at the Argo-Cats game. :thup:

My personal lucky contribution was making enough noise after each TD to partially lose my voice! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think though, that the Tiger brought in before the game is our new lucky charm! Even if they only put a video of him up on the scoreboard as they introduce the players, I think they should do it!

Everything I was wearing was black and I was sending good vibes down from North of Superior.

One of your best posts yet :slight_smile:

Your perspectives are always inspiring.

Would Robbie the Tiger get residuals on the replays? I would hate to go toe to toe and negotiate his points....

I shopped in Guelph and found a black ticats tee-shirt. That is so unlikely, it had to be the lucky charm....

Oskee wee wee (and yes, you bet I am hoarse from the cheering too)

Right On! That AND informing the guys that if they lost they would have to go thru Robbie to leave the field! :wink:

I wore a black "CFL fans fight cancer" jersey instead of "Ticat" gear!

It was a great night and the weather co-operated nicely as well! Good Job on that too, Bob :thup: :wink:

Wearing all black sitting up here on Jocko Point cheering my head off. :smiley:

I wore my Cats jersey (an old style Montford jersey) for the first time this year, and dragged my sorry, sick self down to the sports bar to watch the game. I think the parasite in my foot might be an Argos fan, though.

Dr. Scholl, Ticat podiatrist of choice, salutes you! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I wore my 1999 Grey Cup Teeshirt from Vancouver Grey Cup game Stamps/Ti-Cats.(Thanks Ross)

Cool Tee and it's black....

But we don't believe in that kinda stuff do we?

Ahhh so that's why Maas tripped up on his own on that play. He tripped on the penny. :smiley:

I wore my black vintage logo tshirt and I also went tot he TG. A Bomber fan flew in for this one so I told her she has to come every game from now on. :wink:

FYI the results of last nights game had nothing to do with a hat worn or not worn, a penny, tshirt, seat location, or any other ridiculous superstitions.
The Cats actually decided to show up for a game and Winnipeg didnt. There was clearly some extra motivation, and the first score game them the momentum, but any other silly notions are just poppycock.

i kept the faith.

We know that! ...it's called 'having fun' as fans... :lol:

however, explain major league baseball players turning their ball caps inside out and encouraging fans to do the same hoping for 9th inning rallys?........ ie: rally caps

...there might be something to this ya know... :wink: