What was your first Grey Cup?

The first Grey Cup I remember watching was the 1996 Snow Bowl with Edmonton and Toronto in Hamilton. I was 9 years old and I remember my dad calling me in to the TV room to have a look at the crazy (now classic) conditions. I’ll never forget how cool it was to see a bunch of grown men play a game in the snow just my friends and I did…well ok, maybe the pro players were a LITTLE better. :lol:

As cool as that game was through the eyes of a 9 year old, I don’t remember watching another CFL game until the 2002 Grey Cup in Edmonton (Montreal vs Edmonton). I can’t remember what brought me to watch that game but I enjoyed it and it was my introduction to Calvillo, Cahoon and Ray.

Yet again, I fell out of touch with the CFL and Grey Cup until just before the 2008 Grey Cup game when I saw the “This is Our League” commercial on YouTube. I haven’t missed a Grey Cup since and now watch far more CFL (and CIS) football than NFL. :rockin:

Now let’s hear YOUR first Grey Cup story!

1976 in Toronto. TONY GABRIEL making " the catch " to beat SASK. :rockin:
I was there.

The 1st G.C. that I watched on T.V. was the 1971 GREY CUP :' [ " the fumble "

91 Winnipeg... ... I was so cold I couldnt wait for the game to finish.My feet were frozen solid at half time.

I remember being a kid and following football but I didn't have the attention span to watch full games, I saw parts of Montreal vs Edmonton in the late 70's, saw parts of the Ottawa vs Edmonton game in 81 Toronto vs Edmonton in 82, and Winnipeg vs Hamilton in 84, but the first game I actually sat through was the 85 match between Hamilton and B.C. From then on Ive watched it every year

As best as I can remember,the first Grey Cup that I actually watched from start to finish was the 1970 game between Montreal and Calgary the first and only time that two 3rd place finishers met in the Cup final,I was 9 yrs old at the time,and was in my 3rd year of being introduced to the CFL,as I remember my Dad took me to see the Cats play the Argos for my 1rst game ever back in "68" when I was 7 yrs old. I've been a huge fan ever since,if memory serves me correctly the Al's won that game by something like 24-10.The two Q.B's that day were Sonny Wade for the Al's and Jerry Keeling for the Stamps,and the game was at the old CNE in Toronto.If memory serves me again,I can remember that the field was a muddy chewed up surface,and was a mess to play on,as both teams were covered in muck and dirt in that game.I also recall that the Al's after being a terrible team for most of the decade rose from a 2 or 3 win record the year before in "69" to squeeze into the play-offs that year,before knocking off the Argos in the Semi's than taking out my Cats in the East Final in what was my first play-off game that I attended.I remember being disappointed leaving the park,knowing that the Cats wouldn't be in the Grey Cup that year.It was then that I vowed that I would never cheer for another Eastern team in the Cup if the Cats weren't in the game,and have stuck to that till this day.I had to wait another two years till 1972 to see my team win the Cup at home in Hamilton,which as an 11 yr kid is still one of my fondest memories growing up.The thing I remember most about that was watching my hero big old #68 Ang Mosca hoisting the Cup for all to see,in his last game ever played.



I don't remember my first one. The most important one was in 2000, when I was in a new town and met a girl. We watched it at her place, and it was her first one.

Things worked out, and now every year the game is our anniversary. :smiley:

The first Grey Cup I remember really watching was the 1976 Grey Cup, however my Dad would always watch the Grey Cup, so I know that I watched parts of the '74 and '75 Grey Cups. The earlier ones, maybe, but I have no recollection of them...

I mis understood the question…lol… 1984 for me… My team won and then they won it 4 years later and then 2 years after that. Little did i know.:frowning:

1977, the infamous game where the Als out smarted the Eskies in footwear "aids" :wink:

I guess you were not an ARGO fan :lol:

One of the few Grey Cups that Dunnigan actually played well in ! People forget he had more bad games than good games in the finals. 86, was a disaster, 87, Allen came off the bench to replace a concussed and ineffective Dunigan, to snatch the cup from the Argo’s . 88, choked vs the Bombers, 92, dominated by Flutie and did nothing in that game, Mcmanus passed for the only Bomber TD in mop up time. I guess 91 was the only Grey Cup game Dunigan played well in .

« :cowboy: I remember the Fog bowl or was it my head that was foggy. I remember Angelo Mosca knocking out Willie Fleming of the BC Lions in the 63 Grey cup, and Peter Ohler, the holder and backup qb taking a botched snap and throwing for a touchdown in the 64 Grey Cup. »Of course the 66 Grey Cup win in Vancouver by the Riders and the heartbreak loss to «Ottawa a la Tony Gabriel.

8) :cowboy: :roll: :wink: But of course, that was all in my previous life!!

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2002 (I was 9) but my first detailed memory was 2005s double OT

...first GC I ever attended was the last time the Blue Bombers ever won a cup, 1990 in BC Place...I was a guest of my then brother-in-law who was a reporter with an interior BC paper so we sat in the press box and made good use of the open bar...

First Grey Cup I attended was 1995 in Regina. I've since attended 2003 and this year will be my 3rd.

I remember watching in 89' on TV but I was a bit young to remember the details. I was 5 years old.

T'he 1st Grey Cup I'd ever attended was in 2011: Lions vs Winnipeg. It was the culmination of an extraordinary year for the Lions. After a dismal start to the season Lions fans figured the team would finish the season like the Bombers and Esks did this year. :frowning: after all the Lions first five games were all losses.
Somehow Buono and the team turned things around. I really don't know how the team could turn it around the way they did. The team went on a rampage and finished off the year in 1st place. Interestingly, the Lions, Esks and Stamps all ended up with 22 points in the standings but because of series outcomes the Lions prevailed. The Lions went on to destroy Edmonton in the Western Final [40-23]. They won the Grey Cup in 2011. What made the whole event even more thrilling and exciting was that the game was played in B.C. Place!

The script could not have been written better! :thup:

First in person Grey cup, 1975 and the streak. First Grey Cup on TV that I remember watching was I think 1960 although I am sure I must have watched from 1955 on as I think that was the year my family got our first TV. I am not 100% sure there was a National Broadcast back then. :cowboy:

Nice thread!

My first attended: 1988 - Ottawa

My first watched: 1977 - Montreal (The Ice Bowl) I still remember the Alouettes making snow angels and having a snowball fight on the Saturday walk-through!!!

Since then, I've been to 1989, 1992, 1996, 1999, 2000. It got hard on the liver!

1989 I was 7 months old. Pulled myself up with help of the tv stand and watched Ridgeway put the ball through the uprights to beat the TiCats. Been a fan ever since. I have been to one Grey Cup in 05 when Edmonton beat Montreal. Easily the most boring game I've been to. 2007 was crazy. Was out on the Green Mile until 2 AM frozen hands and all.

I remember 1972 when the city (Hamilton) was crazy with football. Everywhere you looked you'd see the banners, the buttons, and those inflatable football players. We even learned about football in school. I was six, so I had no real idea what was going on; the idea of "hosting the Grey Cup" meant nothing to me. But I remember thinking I wanted to be a football player. That lasted until I saw footage of Joe Zuger from a few years earlier with blood pouring from his broken nose. Suddenly I made other career plans.

The first Grey Cup I watched was 1981. I cheered for Ottawa because my Dad was cheering for Ottawa, because he believed that Edmonton's three in a row were enough, and that the officials always favoured Edmonton. I remember lineman Hec Pothier, the bald, bearded behemoth, crying on the sideline because it looked like the Eskimos were going to lose.

The first (and so far only) Grey Cup I attended was the 1996 game. I remember assuring people from other cities that "it never snows in Hamilton in November," so the weather seemed like a cruel joke. Despite the fact that I had to watch the Argos win (Yes, Doug Flutie DID fumble the ball) it was one of the wildest games I've ever seen. Eddie Brown kicking the ball up into his hands...phenomenal!