What was wrong with Tre Smith last nite?

I saw that Tre Smith had a tough time catching the ball on kick offs and punts last nite.

Was it that the ball was caught up in the lights?

Did he misjudge the ball all nite?

Was the wind a problem?

Didn't think he had a problem catching it or hanging onto it, but he sure seemed to have problems judging when, where, or if it was coming down.

I was frustrated by this as well. Calgary's return guys didn't seem to have too much trouble. :?

I was gonna gripe about him doing the same thing in previous games, but realized I was remembering JoJo Walker.

Tre's been like this all season it seems, there's only been two games that i've seen him being consistent on kickoffs but not too convincing in the backfield ( many fumbles :cry: )

Can't complain though, we've seen it all season and if we get nothing next season, I don't know what i'll do!

I interpreted "problem catching it" to include "problem putting himself in position to catch it".

I enjoyed your inclusion of "if" it was coming down. :lol: It's not like Hank Ilesic was kicking... :wink:

come on guy smith is way better than jo jo... right?

didnt think so.

Tre Smith is not a punt or kick off type of player. Smith is more suited as a scat back - running back type of player. Jo - Jo Smith is a more suited to take over the return games for the Cats.

Agree I want Walker back there taking the kicks offs and punts.

Smith is a backup RB as well as kick returner. So far I think the backup RB is better than the starter.

If you go by what people say on these forums Tre Smith might be the most over rated player to ever wear a Ticat uniform. He’s basicly Wally Zatilny. No knock on Wally. Tre is a slightly above average kick returner and a back up on offence that’s it that’s all.

He hasn’t even been the best kick returner on this team JoJo has. He also has some fumble problems.

agree completely with this

Me too.

well ill add my name to this list. lol
i really hope jo jo gets a real chance to prove himself in tc next year.

Not me.
Tre has made many blocks that prevented possible sacks, he also is a pretty good RB. I don't know that Wally ever played RB. I don't have the stats handy but Tre's up there for best average/rush, longest gain, etc.

But I do agree, Wally did have some longer PR/KR than we have seen from Tre, so far.

Tre Smith is a very good running back, but an average kick returner, in my opinion. Obie needs to find us the next Tristan Jackson next year. We start virtually every drive in mediocre field position because of our poor return game.

We have him already. His name is JoJo Walker and he never plays!