What was Wally thinking?????????????????????

You have just lost Casey Printers with a bad thumb on his throwing hand.
Now it is 3rd and one with a highly injury prone Buck Pierce , taped together, at QB.- the only experienced qb left! :cowboy:
What does Wally (or Jacques Chapdelaine) call
A qb keeper with an injured , gimpy legged qb to carry the ball.

What happens - of course he gets hurt. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :
With old or injured qbacks when do you see good coaches let them carry the ball on a deseigned play???
Answer = not very often.
When do you see a Anthony C. or Brett Favre carry the ball on short yardage.
You give it to your running back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am not saying the outcome of the game would have changed but having an experienced qb would have at least given the lions a chance. All year the Lions have botched 3rd and 1 plays. All year. Count them up. Coaches should learn from their team's failures and draw up new attacking plays.
This was classic poor coaching by the Lions and the coaches should be held accountable.!!!

After all - we all wanted to watch an entertaining game last night regardless of who we were rooting for. In my humble opinion the Lions coaching staff made a huge error and did not help give us a good game to watch. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

If your QB is too brittle to even get you 1 yard on a QB sneak then he shouldn't be in the game anyways. Wally is old school and his QB should be able to get a yard. I think its gay everytime a QB runs off the field so someone else can get 1/2 yard for him. Pierce was already hurt and likely would have been done on the next hit anyways.

I was stunned that B.C. went for it with 90 seconds left in the half. It was a close game to that point and the smart thing to do was try to pin the Esks deep.

Glenn Suitor, football genius that he is, says, "You gotta go for it." That's why he's a colour analyst and not a head coach.
As for Wally... :thdn:

After that game, that call was the least of my worries!

Id always go for it on 3rd and inches but if youre playing a banged up QB because all your other QBs are even more banged up put in the backup. Why risk the injury to a guy who is already somewhat injured to begin with?

With the way the lions defence was playing the lions couldve had robojesus playing QB for them and still wouldve gotten their asses kicked. Stopping the run is so important because it means teams can't pull off play action fakes and draws as often as theyd like to. If your safety is constantly the one making the tackles on the RB something has gone horribly wrong. Even if the lions do somehow make the playoffs Cobb and Cobourne will chew them apart as theyve been incredibly weak against the run all year round