What was Walley thinking

We give up a Number 3 Draft Choice pick......to drop down to a Number 6 pick?
And all we can come up with is a Harvard Receiver who caught 3 passes last year....Total?
Like seriously WTF???
There were some Highly rated Offensive Lineman for the taking ......but No.....we take a receiver out of a Highly Rated Harvard Football program! lol
Then.....to add Insult to Injury......we ad to our Great Drafting skills .....by taking yet another Kicker! lol
Ya......I know that Sean White is leaving....but....you are telling me...we couldn't have done any better ....than a Receiver and a Kicker.
Not too impressed!

First of all... learn how to type properly... you... still.... tallkkkk... in broken... sentences like this. AND... it make...s...it really hard to .... take ... you.... ser.iously.

Why draft a highly rated O-Lineman who likely will be an NFL draftee next year when you can get a receiver who is highly rated, will sign right away, and could have an impact right away?

If you know Sean Whyte is leaving, then you know we need SOMEONE there when McCallum retires this year. When the most highly touted kicker in recent draft history drops to the second round and you need a kicker, why would you NOT take him? He has tons of upside. What do you think they should do - find a kicker that hasn't played a few years and get him next year? Draft rookie and throw him in right away instead of drafting him right now and have a great veteran kicker to groom him?

This isn't the NFL/NHL draft... the CFL draft is a total crapshoot anyways - there's always a fairly good chance a guy drafted early doesn't even play for you.

one thing i find unique about the CFL draft, tha makes it a little fun, is that a highly prospected pick can drop out of the top 15 because teams feel he might go to the NFL. i feel you will be satisfied with your picks.

ik17.......Regardless of how I type, or the style that I have chosen....or how I decide to express myself in Print.....you ( ik17) obvioulsy are able to comprehend what it is, that I am saying. lol
Thanks so much for the Typing Lesson B&#ch, you have just had your "Man" Card revoked!
This is a Football Forum ik17, do you really think?.... that you are taken any more seriously, than I am based on our chose of writing styles? lol
The fact is ......we are hoping to WIN a Grey CUP in our own back yard, you would think.....that we would be looking for some BIG STUD help on the O Line.....before we ever wasted a Draft Pick on another "Soft Typing Expert" from a Tough Hard Knocks Football Factory.......like "Harvard", who caught "ONLY" 3 Balls in his last season!
Yup.......another Great Draft decison!

Well, I sure don't take that last post seriously.

But, generally speaking, I think the Lions know what they are doing at the draft, including this year. You can picks guys for positions strategically looking to fill a hole or pick the best athlete and hope the eventually fill an opening that develops. Only training camp and real games will tell though. Highly touted draft picks have turned out to be duds and undrafted free-agents have become stars.

Well personally, I think Ianuzzi is a guy that will be given a chance to do some kick returning this season.
The consensus is that there were 4 top tier receivers (Marco, Parker, Etienne and Coohorn). BC got one of them and the one they wanted. Duane Ford think he could have the biggest impact this year of all the draft picks.

I know I wouldn’t question what Wally is doing the Guy has found some amazing talent over the years . I’m sure he has a lot more information to go on then we do and a master plan.