What was the worst call that went against the Cats in 2016?

What do you feel was the worst call that went against the Cats in 2016?

 I think it was the illegial procedure on 3rd & inches call against Saskatchewan because as I said before, it was a ridiculous call I've never seen before in my 20+ years of watching football.  It wasn't a penalty.  Plus I feel it set a negative tone for what followed.  Austin gets suspended for the following game, Collaros get hurt and the season slid downward from there with additional terrible calls.

 Plus perhaps the Cats get at least a field goal on that posession, which would have been the difference in them winning that game.  But instead the refs let the Saskatchewan Rough Riders officiate the game. 

So what do you think Tiger Town?

I agree. Not the most damaging, but the worst. It was tough though, all of them were very bad.

Definitely the Collaros RTP, because it ended our season. Honourable mention to the Illegal Kick vs EDM (Incredibly flawed rule) and to the illegal procedure vs Sask (that the refs were kind enough to let SASK call for them).

Officiating is the worst it's ever been. Make officiating great again.

OK - this thread reminds me of some horrible calls against us from years gone by.

Anyone remember Gerald Bess getting called for pass interference call on the Condredge Holloway pass late in the 4th quarter in the eastern final back in the early 1980's at CNE stadium?

Cost us a trip to the Grey Cup.

Lack of roughing the passer.

Not only did it cost us the game, not only did it go to review and the officials still got it wrong, it hurt the game as a whole.

Concussions are a real thing, and are why parents aren't letting their kids play the game. When a hit, that late and high isn't penalized you lose all credibility when you try to say you are doing everything you can for player safety and protecting quarterbacks.

None of the other calls are safety related. As a ref in this day and age you simply have to error on the side of safety.

I have to say I lost count on the bogus calls this year...
They were all an impact.
Having to choose I suppose it would be the non RTP on Willis in the Eastern Semi, along
with the totally "insane" holding call.
As they are both connected.

The playoff game call not only did it end our season but it also took bonus money away from the team I dunno how much they get for going to finals but I'm sure it would be a few k that would be put to good use

It's really sad that such a thread can exist with today's better training of officials and the increased use of replay technology, :frowning:

First Place Standing (Bye) - $3,400
Semi-Final Participation- $3,400
Division Championship Participation- $3,600
Grey Cup Runner-up- $8,000 + $3400 + $3600 = $15K
Grey Cup Winner- $16,000 +$3400 + $3600 = $23K

The player-judged MVP in the CFL championship game will earn $10,000.
The Most Valuable Canadian gets $5,000.

This would be on top of bonuses written into their contract.

I don't think anyone who was a Ticat fan in 1983 could forget that phantom PI call against Gerald Bess with about two minutes left in the fourth quarter of that EDF game. The Ticats were up 36-34 then and that penalty put Toronto around FG range.

If you want to see a video of that, it's on the play starting at 1:35 of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgarITd ... 1AD746A892

In 1983, it was a phantom PI call against Bess that was a reason for a Ticat playoff loss. This generation has the phantom holding call against Revenberg... plus the missed RTP call.

It's interesting how in last year's EDSF game, there was an RTP call against Masoli that put the Ticats into Medlock's range so he could kick that biggest FG for this team since Ozzie's in 1998. Players on the Toronto defence disagreed with the call, but the league said the right call was made.

Some consistency in how penalties are called would be nice.

The consistent theme should be "When in doubt, err on the side of player safety"

There are enough injuries in this game as is. Nevermind, when you let potentially intentional hits slide. Then if it's not a safety issue. All major fouls players should be actively trying to avoid and NOT roll the dice with to get a competitive edge.

"After that then, when in doubt, error on the side of having it reviewed by the command centre"

Turnovers, scoring plays and other automatic reviews should be used. They'll have all the angles and super slow motion for them to make the call and in theory your command centre is fixed so you don't pull a Harbin.

IMO, that '83 Eastern Final call, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgarITd ... 1AD746A892 , which I remember well, was way worse than any of the questionable calls against the Cats in 2016. The way I saw it then, and still see it now, the ONLY action anyone could see, watching that video, that would suggest a rule infraction, is the throwing of the flag.

Anyone see that disaster of a referee job last night in Mexico City? Holy talk about incompetence.

Refereeing in football across the board is a problem, and it's definitely a contributing factor to the declining interest in football.

I voted for the Willis hit...don't preach to me about head shots and player safety, fine players all year for head shots, throw flags on borderline calls for the past 3-5 season ... then when the game is on the line, you eat your goddamn whistle then the command centre commends you for doing so.

That illegal kickoff was a doozy though, totally forgot that even happened, that one is still a bit confusing to me. Did the refs call it right and that is the actual rule? Or did they botch it? Never in my life had I heard that explanation on an onside kick that went out of bounds.

Actually it was OPI.

I could vote 3 times for the most ridiculous, most costly and most incompetent calls but for the overall 'worst' I picked the incomplete pass on Ellingson. There was clear indisputable video evidence that it was indeed a fumble, and that call was probably the difference between us hosting the EDSF and us hosting the Final against Ottawa (with Luke Tasker back most likely.)

Yes and I never again saw that called even though it was repeated by every centre in the league on just about every play. Brutal! TiCats take another for the Gipper!