What was the talk on Casey's show

those of us who couldn't listen want to know!

Click here and you can listen yourself.

Casey still didn't like the rule/call: re: the late fumble, but didn't go into much detail about it.

He also thought Bauman was interfered with on the last play.

Regarding the Cats' failure to make 2nd and 2 to keep running out the clock, he said he had the option to keep the ball, but was put off by a look presented by the defence that he hadn't seen previously. He also thought if he had kept the ball he could have completed a pass to Piercy open in the flat.

Casey talked about wasted opportunities, especially in the first half (not completing a TD to Miles against broken coverage, and turning the ball over on the Riders' 20 late in the first half).

He said he was a bit bewildered by some folks who approached him after the game, who seemed happy that it was a good game. Paraphrasing, he said his thought when he heard that was "No it wasn't, we lost".

He had lots of praise for Bauman, who appeared on air via phone at the end of the show, filling in for the planned guest Jykine Bradley.

Asked about the short week to prepare for Calgary, he said the hardest part is not having the usual time to recuperate physically before preparations have to begin.