What was the purpose of the "Spiderman" act by Arl

Someone please fill me in. I don't get it. Aside from being THE most rediculous touchdown celebration ever, right ahead of Keith Stokes with the magazine; what did it mean? I don't get the spiderman theme.

He should've been flagged for delay of game. Or maybe there should be a flag for stupidity. The fact that this was actually premeditated - he stuck a spider man mask in his pants or whatever, and thought, "when I score a touchdown I'll pull this mask out and pretend I'm spiderman". It was just soooo...what's the word...stupid. I felt embarrassed for him actually. His coach and some players on his own bench weren't too impressed with it either.

But what did it mean? Why choose spiderman? Anyone who can fill me in, I'd appreciate it.

I believe he did get flagged for unsportsmanlike

Maybe Bruce feels guilty for letting a mugger get away, who eventually killed his uncle.

Either that, or he's just an obnoxious ass.

his son is a big fan of spiderman as he told mike hogan on the fan590 this morning. he did it for his son

Just checked my spider sence its offical guess what he a fucking idiot whch = now i get it an Arr-gone.Ass-hole.

It's been a while since I saw a player that was taunting his opponent get his head taken off from behind while he was distracted with his foolish little stunt.

Way too long actually.

relax, it was a bit of fun, BIG DEAL

If it was for his son, I have no problem with it.

Could be worse: his son could be Jar Jar Binks fan...

Totally classless. What else would you expect from the blue team? He's lucky he wasn't seriously hurt by a Hamilton player. It would have been worth the suspension.

He can play Spider Man for his kid any time he wants EXCEPT during a professional football game.

i wish our players did things like this. i really dont know what is wrong with it. if i was a argo fan it would pump me right up.

If he wants to play spiderman for son his let him do it on his own field. That stunt shows a lack of respect. He's lucky somebody didn't feed him that mask. I guess that's why he's known as Arland Bruce the Turd. Totally selfish me-first type goofball.

Jar Jar Binks…lol…that was a good one.
I’m trying to think of which Ticat would be a jerk to even do that?
His Spiderman powers didnt help him when he flew thru the air landing on his keester on that swing pass later.

to me this ranks with flick doing his oskee wee wee celebration last year

i do believe in karma and look what happened to flick

arland wants to be ocho cinco of the cfl let him

calgary did that crap a couple years ago and then they figured out they looked like asses cuz they didn't win

now they are successful and don't act stupid

arland bruce is a turd and wannabe ocho cinco, this guy needs to chill out and remember bout karma.

Much worse. The oskee wee wee thing was one of the best examples I've seen of clever, relevant taunting. This one was pointless. And the oskee wee wee thing didn't involve bringing props onto the field during game play, something that should never be allowed.

Adjectives to describe Arlan's actions:

  • unprofessional
  • unsportsmanlike
  • childish
  • insulting
  • hot-dogging
  • AND not funny

In a few years from now, his son will look back at the video clip and say" "Boy, my Dad was such a jerk!"

...or maybe his son will start dicking around with a spidey mask at work and find himself looking for another job.

Looks like Arland Bruce III (the Turd?) got fined...

[i]The CFL announced today that it has fined Toronto Argonaut Arland Bruce III an undisclosed amount for using a prop in a touchdown celebration in yesterday's game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Bruce was assessed an objectionable conduct penalty during the game.

Rule 7, Fouls & Penalties, Section 4, Objectionable Conduct, (g), Prohibits a player to be in possession of a foreign or extraneous object that is not part of the uniform or equipment, during a game, either on the field or on the sideline.[/i]

Do you remember this from November 2006 when the Argh!Gos lost to Montreal?

Then after the game, Bruce stated that the reason why the Argos lost, was because the referees are "racists" and take bribes. He went on to say that since Head Coach Michael Clemons is black, the refs made calls in favor of Montreal.