What was the purpose of signing Gordon and Holmes

There was no purpose of signing Gordon and Holmes when there r back where they came from

once again.. does it really matter? its the CFL the odds of trading players back to the same team are very good considering the lack of teams in the Leauge. Im honestly surprised trades even get made in this Leauge.

I give the organzation credit for trying to upgrade its personnel. Sometimes it just doesn't work out, you cut your losses and move on.

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Credit for trying to upgrade...these clowns get one of the best all purpose players in the league in Holmes and can't figure out where to use him. How idiotic is that? I don't know where to use him, do you. Nope, me neither. Oh well, we'll just ship him back.

In hind site, I think the cats should have picked up Kerry Joseph with the first pick.
Holmes seemed to be a steal at the time...was he ever tried at slotback???

It would be interesting to see where the Ticats would be now if they had just taken Kerry Joseph instead of trading that pick away for what has turned out to be Jason Armstead and Chris Bauman. Would they better off? Don't know for sure of course, but it is a QB league. You can't win without a good one no matter how good the rest of the team is.

How well do you think Joseph would have played uneder Paopao's offense in Hamilton?

I don't think one can play the "seven degrees of separation" game with various different GMs. I could see if the Holmes shuffle happened on one guy's watch, but it didn't.

To take a crack at sigpig's question, it would have been a more competitive form of losing had we had Joseph under center in Paopao's offense, simply beause Joseph can move the pocket, scramble for big gains, and has a rocket for an arm. It would have been an extension of the Renegade experience, I think: inconsistency punctuated by flashes of brilliance.

Does that mean 3-4 extra wins in the win column? Not sure. Even if we are talking a 7-11 season, I'm not sure how that would have saved Marshall's job given the acrimony surrounding the team.

The difference this year is Joseph plays on a team with an excellent defence, has more weapons on the field at his disposal, and Kent Austin has matured into one whale of a coach, I believe.

Speculation is what it is. LOL The concrete results so far point to a might-have-been that would have suited Ticat fans just fine in the long run, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

I was wondering if Joseph would survive here, Russ... lol

You brought up some very good points that I didn't think of.

Sig, I think he would be in a Chuck Ealey-style eggtimer with Cat fans.
Sad to say, but with a mobile QB that automatically titillates the senses (i.e. people expect a TD every series), the reality is a little dfferent. There can often be a frustration quotient. Henry Burris in particular is in the teeth of that frustration/exasperation this year in Cowtown.

Danny Mac didn't see that because people understood what he was about from the first bootleg of his they ever witnessed. In his case, you had a gunslinger in the pocket whose quick release and throw-for-the-exits style really did depend on his synchronicity with his receivers to be successful. That is, his bad play tended to mirror what his unit as a whole were up to.

With Kerry and Chuck, you had guys who could run all night long and win games just by their scrambling ability alone. I do believe that tends to heighen the expectation index.

Tom Clements would be a similar example, although his rushing totals were not in that stratosphere year to year. He was also the best pure passer on the run that I have ever seen play Canadian ball. Doug Flutie would be a close second, although he tended to plant and throw more after moving the pocket than Tom did. Tom challenged LBs simply by rolling, pivoting, and firing without stopping even more than Doug ever did.

Joseph has ALL the tools to be a monster QB in this league. Having played safety I believe helps him improvise against defences. The issue with Kerry for me is his accuracy (read his tendency to overthrow the ball because of happy feet) rather than the grey matter -- QB I.Q. -- inside his helmet, as is the case with Burris and Bishop, frankly.

Burris is ATROCIOUS in his ball protection skills and Bishop will throw into double and triple coverage consistently if one can disguise one's coverages because he will force the ball. The main difference between Bishop and Ryan Leaf in my estimation is Michael can make plays on the dead run and get LBs caught in no man's land again and again. As for their capacities to read defences...

Joseph gets Austin's system and I believe he will become an elite QB barring injury in the years ahead. If he continues to progress in his decision-making (especially in maintaining a low level of INTs), Saskatchewan could win the West this year and be favourites to win it all.

Oski Wee Wee,