What was the 'play'?

In every contest, no matter whether it's tiddlywinks, tennis or turd tossing, there's a play or moment where one team believes they're going to win and the other, at the same moment, believes they are going to lose. What was it for the 101st Grey Cup?

There are some moments to consider......Sheets' run for a first down on second and 19.....the roughing the kicker call when Hamilton was getting the ball back with momentum.....the coin toss....Dressler's TD late in the fourth after fighting off an interference call.......what was your moment?

For me, it was Sheets' run on second and 19. With time left and only 2 scores back, Hamilton was looking at this play with a simple stop, get the ball back in decent field position and keep the momentum. Sheets really stuck it to them and they got frustrated and started to lose focus.

I think the play that really jammed a dagger in the Cats was 2nd and 19 run for a first down. I also think Geroy's first TD was a killer.

But if you want to talk about a moment when one team knew that they would win and the other knew the opposite, I'm not being sarcastic when I say the player introductions. I've seen teams come out of the tunnel as a team before, but not like that. That was not premeditated. That was impromptu. At some moment between Fulton's name and Labatte's name being announced, somebody decided 'F**k it! we're all just going now!' When I saw them jumping around at midfield I turned to my buddy and said, "Hamilton's in a lotta trouble. They don't want any of this."

I don't think I've ever seen a team so mentally ready AND emotionally high before.

I have to say it was Sheets on the 2 and 19, that was the blow that finished the Cat's. I also agree with how they came out of the tunnel at the start, they where just ready to play, no distractions there!! Man what a game!!

Sheets was a monster! Talk about being Johnny on the spot when that ball popped into the air and he just plucks it and romps for close to 40 yards. That plus the first fumble that Durant recovered were huge plays as the Cats would have had great field position on both and momentum. Yes the dagger play was the 19 yard second down conversion though. Sheets was fully focused and was not going to be stopped and deserved the MVP. Now we have to re sign him. Get it done.

I like defense. I really like John Chick. I also really like watching Henry flustered and getting sacked.

John Chick was by his guard in one second and poor Henry saw him coming and clutched the ball tight. But Chick beat his guy low and as he came around he was generating serious power and Henry had nowhere to go..........he popped and drove Hank down hard. The hit forced a fumble. I can't recall if we got that fumble or not.........who cares. Any play with Hank on his back is awesome.

I was pleased for Chick, Two sacks. Forced fumble. He had a pass knockdown off a stunt he ran. He was awesome a couple nights back.

My thoughts exactly. Everyone played well, and the offense usually gets the most attention, but Chick was fantastic and made a big difference. The whole D-line was great at that game, and all year long, and deserves a lot of credit.

BTW, it was Foley who got that fumble. Watch the replay, it's a beautiful thing to see.

You beat me to it. What the players did by coming out like was saying this is our field and we make the rules not the CFL. Hamilton looked rattled the entire game

The fumble that Sheets grabbed and scampered for 40 yards. That could have been a monumental turnover, and instead it leads to a touchdown.


Seeing the ball get snapped right pass hank was awesome !!!

Just like when Burris played for the stamps at Mosaic for that first play off game in 20 yrs, he had that deer in the head lights look at this GC game. He never got in a grove at the start and the ticats were doomed as long as the Riders kept him to two and outs. I think our defensive secondary needs huge credit at the start of this game taking away his receivers and keeping him off his game. I think Austin had his set 5 plays called for offence (before the game) and we killed those which killed his Mojo. He got it back for a bit in the third quarter but the defence again shut him down. Our D was awesome this year. Also having DD fumble 3 times and the D stepping up, Hamilton was doomed from the start.

The play I have to agree is the sheets run for first down on 2nd and 19.

When the ball was snapped too soon, and instead of chasing it Henry pointed to his o-line and looked out of it. That's when I knew he was not in for one of his good games.

I don't think he really pointed or anything. He was looking to the side, and I don't think he even realized what happened at first