What was the last Grey Cup to be played solely by Canadians?

Anyone have the answer? See if anyone can guess without looking it up like I had to.

Ok, here's the answer as in the book Grey Cup Tradition : 75 Years of Canadian Football History published by Executive Sport Publications, Edmonton, in 1987:

Concerning the 1945 Grey Cup played between the Argonauts and the Bombers, won 35-0 by the Argonauts:

"It was the last Grey Cup game to be played solely by Canadian players. Neither Winnipeg nor Toronto had an import player in the lineup."

Interesting, East beat West, there you go.

The ARGOS won 3 straight GREY CUPS with only Canadian players in the late 1940'S and early 1950's.

And I think a team could still do it today to be honest. But we aren't going to see it for no other reason than it would be a huge gamble for any team to just hire Canadians, if they lose everyone will tell them "I told you so", sort of like the NFL passing on Doug Flutie because of his height sort of thing.

"The last hurrah for an all-Canadian contingent came in 1937, when the Argonauts scored an unlikely 30-7 victory over Winnipeg. Roy "Red" Storey came off the bench in the fourth quarter and, in arguably the greatest individual Grey Cup performance in history, he ran through the Blue Bombers for 190 yards and three touchdowns in the final 15 minutes."