What was the deal with the concessions?

Hearing a lot of complaints on the radio, can anyone fill us in?

Yes, there was a huge wait on the food.

However, I look at pre-season as the chance for all areas of the franchise, not just the on-field team, to practice and hone up. I am sure that they'll be fine once the season starts.

The concessions were ridiculous

Bob Young was on he 5th quarter, and mentioned that the head of consessions was extremly apologetic. Also mentionde they will change things to make all the issues better for the next game.

Prices are bad, but what can you expect. They are still better then the prices you get charged at the Dome. I just hope the wait times are taken care of next game..

Actually, prices at the dome arent as bad as they are here. I was at the last preseason game and i firmly remember paying $5.50 for a blue while it was $6.50 here

wow glad to see it wasnt just me man 5 min wait for a hot dog no pretzles no hot chocolate just crappy popcorn standing in line wait for a beer and they shut the booth i hope next game they have it all figured out

Don't give these guys excuses. Compass Group Canada says that they are the LARGEST food service company in the world. So don't give me this crap about working out the kinks. They do this everyday!!!! (not at the stadium but other locations) Where were these "flash freeze cooler" that we're suppose to keep my beer SO VERY COLD? Well I personally waited in line for a good 15 - 20 minutes then to get a warm beer. The next time I waited about the same time for them to close it on me. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem waiting for a cold beer but warm NO FREAKING WAY. What will it take to get rid of the company. Is it just me that keeps getting this bad service???? Actions mean more then Words. SO GET RID OF THEM!!!!

I dono i didnt but anything at the concessions so i cant say how bad it was or anything but it was there first day lets give them a little break. Bob comented about this on the fith quater though and said he was so sorry witch means that we can complane in 2 weeks if its still bad but ya we won the game so lets just relax a lil.

Yah guys you gotta chill outa bit. Its preseason for them too they probably just hired most of these people so left them deal with a game to get their act together.

The food services can be a shady business. Anyone remember the guys from Kay’s on Barton Street that took over the concession rights a few years back? They travelled the world to bring the best of every stadium to Ivor Wynne. Hot dogs from New Orleans, sausages from Germany etc etc.

They ended up with a big rig parked outside their front door on Barton Street, mysterious and shady characters staking out the joint and allegations of corruption and fraud landing the owner in court.

Compass is a different situation, and the facilities they are working with are far below par. But Bob and the boyz have given this issue their attention and expect far more than lip service. Despite the lack of selection in the beer department.

seemed to me that most of the fans that commented about beer prices on the fifth quarter managed to afford quite a few..beer selection? none of the stadiums that I have been in have very good beer selections...???

All the booths are just not organised! :frowning:

After all the talk and polls last year about the concession I thought they might have gotten better. Unfortunately I'd have to say they got worst. The only thing you can buy quickly, easilly, and reliably is beer. Too bad I don't drink.


My husband spent most of the 2nd quarter in line for a pretzel. That's just insane.

Let's keep this discussion in a single thread. This one is now locked, but don't hesitate to join the discussion in the "Concessions for Preseason" topic.

Cheers, Bob.

Let's keep this discussion in a single thread. This one is now locked, but don't hesitate to join the discussion in the "Concessions for Preseason" topic.

Cheers, Bob.