What was the attendance?

Just curious. Hope it was a "large and boisterous" crowd.


Being Halloween of course...many dressed up as empty seats.

No where near 24.

It was a good, loud crowd though!


You think there were more than 5,000 empty seats?

24,000 looked about right to me.

When you think about it, capacity is about 29,000 and there offically were 24,586 there so that would explain the 5,000 or so empty seats…

Also keep in mind that this was the last opportunity for season ticket holders to exchange their unused tickets from the other 8 games. I traded all mine in and had 12 seats and I was able to sell or give away only 8 so that would show up as 12 in the attendance but only 8 rear ends in the seats :>)))) Better than the year I had 4 seasons and 26 tickets for the last game :>))) Now it is onto the semi (fingers crossed) in Hamilton ........... and then ........ who knows ........... miracles can hopefully happen :>))) LOL

Have a super day
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I agree. Looked right to me too.

24,000 that was a great crowd!
The announced attendance is based upon tickets sold not how many people are in the stands. They don't count the empty seats and then announce the attendance.
There are times when season ticket holders decide they want to stay home and watch it on TV or people buy tickets and can't make the game.

The attendance is based on people through those turnstyles at the gates. That is afterall, their purpose. That and the tickets being scanned.

24,500 was dead right. If you honstly believe the number is off, I honestly believe you should get your eyes checked.

totally agree with you Captain

Well, I may need my eyes checked.

I sit on the north side and there sure looked like A LOT more than 5,000 empty seats on the south side.

But hey, what a wino!

DavidC is right,

the announced attendance figure is the number of the people
entering the stadium through the turnstyles at all the gates.

That figure is arrived at by scanning the tickets.

The attendance is not based on the number of tickets sold.

Are you sure about that? I've been to games where they just rip off the end. Who sits and count the ripped off ends?
So if 20,000 tickets are sold the day before the game and the weather is bad and only 18,000 show up the announced attendance is 18,000 not 20,000? the team gets revenue from tickets sold not how many go through the turnstile.
What's the point in counting tickets. They know how many tickets are sold, they don't care how many go through the turnstile.
I think you guys are wrong

Mikem said:

"They know how many tickets are sold, they don't care how many go through the turnstile."

Actually, they do. Attendance at the games goes a long way to setting in-stadium advertising rates.

Also, the computer system used for the wireless Ticketmaster scanners allows the club to see such things as season ticket holders attendance habits. For instance, they may see a seasons ticket holder never using their tickets and they may want to find out if there is a problem that the fan is to shy to bring to the team etc........

The announced attendance seems to be the actual number of people at the stadium for the game.............how do we know this?........well, every "sell-out" always has a different number right?.......it's never the same for two "sell-outs" in a row.

I sit in the north stands.....it always seems that there are many more empty seats on the south side. I suspect that they try to fill the north side first for the TSN cameras (???).

...of which only about 18,000 paid for their tickets. Lots of comps , as is usual in the last home game. The hope is that many of the comp people will buy for 2010.

And you have a link to prove this number you so magically throw out… correct??

Yeah post facts not your opinions. We know there were freebies but 6000 plus is a stretch

Kids under 14 free

plus, I received 2 free 50 yard line seats via PDF e-mail for answering a 5 minute quiz because I bought tickets earlier in the year. I am sure I was not alone.

I think 5-6 thousand free tickets could be an accurate number. I have no proof of course.