What was the attendance for the Argo Lions game?

It looked to me to be around a solid 40,000. Are there any solid numbers?

They announced 30,000 but that can’t be right at all…as you say, there was WAY more than that.

There was definitely a crowd near 40,000 or above. The 1st and 2nd Levels were almost completely filled up.

Amazing game, though. It’s too bad we came up short. :frowning:

When I saw that JAKE IRELAND was reffing…I knew we were in trouble…BUT …B.C. were the better team tonight.

I still haven’t seen a replay of the T.D. that Livingston …scored , to tie the game…but they said that he stepped out of bounds at the ARGOS 50… :roll: 8)

Yeah, they made the right call on the Levingston non-TD - his left heel did go out of bounds.

I know all the CBC guys were expecting the crowd to be over 40,000 … but there have been a lot of times I’ve looked at the crowd and thought that it was much bigger than it actually ended up being. Still, if it is “only” 30,000, that’s great for Toronto! I really hope they keep it up and improve on it! Let’s see around 40,000 for the playoff game they’ll inevitably be hosting!