What was that?!?!?

Is Jason Maas the most over rated player in the CFL?

Last nights game started out with a lot of promise. Our defence was on fire and Flemming was bombing his punts (and almost scored a touchdown). Then the offence would take the field. Our offence, led by Mr. Maas, was downright offensive. Can Maas throw the ball more than 10 yards?

Our defence ended up getting lit up a bit but I don't blame them. How is our defence supposed to continue to stop the Argo's offence if they're always on the field! They need a rest. It seemed like the 'Cats went 2 and out on every possesion. Defence gets off the field, hardly has time to fart, then they're back on. Poor guys.

I end this forum with this simple math question...
(I think a 7 year old could answer this)

  • It's 2nd down.

  • You need 7 yards to reach the first down marker.

Do you...

A) Throw the ball 2 yards.
b) Throw the ball out of bounds.
c) Throw the ball anywhere other than where a receiver is.
d) Throw the ball to a receiver who is at least 7 yards away from the line of scrimage.

did you really need to start a poll for this???

or perhaps just add it to the other thousand threads started on the same topic today??

What's up with people and polls on this forum?

didn’t plan on starting a poll when I started this forum. Just came to me as I was typing.

I knew there’d be lots of threads about how horrible Maas has been playing but I had to start one anyways. It’s a way to release my frustrations.

Stayed home on a Saturday night to watch my beloved Ticats… and I see that? Ouch!

lol Ryan Leaf

Stayed home?!?!?!?!
Stayed home?!?!?!?!?
I put down my hard earned denaro and went to the game - a game that was about as exciting as a toenail clipping competition.

Q.b is not the problem on this team, it reminds me of the year year Toni was booed out of town, everyone put the blame on him instead of realizing he had no receivers, the best we had was Burt Thornton. Receivers make a q.b look good and they also can make them look really bad, as well as o.c's who stay up till 4 a.m every night trying to figure out how to get those bums open, then they get rediculed by a bunch of people who think they have all the answers with their simplistic suggestions.