What Was That? Unacceptable

This team is infuriating. All game long. These guys are the biggest failures I have seen in a long time. They just keep shooting themselves in the foot, or in this case in the head. It started off bad. Illegal substitution? Whose to blame for that? The player? the coach? Who? Next play Addison is off side. "Why you do us like that?' Because they stink and 72 hates them. That ref. Straight up hates them. His number is ironic. Yet the Cats can't keep their nose clean. Evans who had 3 balls knocked down cannot pass over the line. Tim White WHY is he still here and WHY somebody please help me understand does Evans keep trying to go to him in the end zone. Fumbles the ball on a good starting drive after first half. But before that, Small misses a 41 yard field goal because Erlington didn't know how much time was left on the clock at the end of first half trying to get up on a great pass taking 4 seconds off the clock forcing them to have to kick a field goal with 6 seconds left and of course, Ticats have all the world's worst fg kickers and he misses. Doesn't even get it out of the End zone for the lousy single. Whoever is selecting fg kickers should be the first one fired. This is getting bad. To lose a game by 5 points when they had all those opportunities is unacceptable. Shlitz what in God's name is he doing? He had a hole beise the left guard on that 3rd down gamble and runs right past it trying to get to the outside and gets brought down short. The need to give him his walking papers. Tim White, I don't even know what he's still doing here. He is straight up horrible. Evans was off. He could not throw it over the defender in the End zone to White. Evans is just good enough to lose. Time count violation when the Defence got the ball back on a pick with a chance to win, after all that debauchery, is completely inexcusable and massively unacceptable. But we're stuck with with him. Defense played their hearts out. Offense doesn't even deserve to fly home. They should make them take a bus back to Hamilton. That was embarrassing. I don't anything good to say. That game was winnable. They just plain choked again. Oh, for something good to say, at least Ottawa lost but the Tiger Cats are a league joke and the buck stops with Steinauer.


and all in only one paragraph....WOW

I kinda enjoyed the game, had a chance right until the final whistle.
That hail mary was very close to success.

Short week, West coast, playing a good team coming off a bye. I thought they played well.


It was an exciting contest. Every CFL fan not named Katmandu was on the edge of their seats. It's true that Hamilton still hurts itself at inopportune times (A TIME COUNT VIOLATION? SERIOUSLY?!!) but they've improved so friggin' much over the last two games I have to believe that they've just cemented themselves as the first or second pony in a two horse East Division race.

You gave up on them too soon Katmandu.


What are you talking about? Are you even a Ticats fan? They're 1-5 and actually deserve to be 0-6. Perhaps the finish was entertaining but the rest of the game was nothing but a rise in my blood pressure. Missed opportunities, penalties, not taking points with 3 minutes left, instead turning it over on downs. They have to have the worst red zone offense I have ever seen ever. But if you're happy with losing, and mediocrity, it's your money.

Pathetic if you really feel that way...

Half empty or half full

Should have had the Calgary and Edmonton games.
POOF 3-3

But, we didn't.

And many of the same issues persist. Place kicking being one of them. Coaching decisions are another


Exactly. When you hold a team to 17 points in this league you should win. We've played 6 games and in 3 of them we've scored 13 points or less. Unacceptable.


Yes, it seems that our friend Katmandu is a very "passionate" Tiger-Cats' fan, but also extremely emotional, and very quick to throw everyone under the bus when things are not meeting expectations. Somewhere along the way missed the fact that sporting competitions are not always predictable . . . which is what makes them entertaining in the first place.

As an example, this is an emotional reaction that was posted by Katmandu just before halftime of last year's East Division Final game . . .

Absolute garbage. Absolute stinking festering garbage. Steinour needs a relocation. He's a dreamer.
[ Life according to Katmandu ]

And this was followed by personal attacks on Bob Young during halftime. This is clearly a "fan" who has zero faith in their chosen team. Sounds like a masochistic way to "enjoy" sports . . . I am sure that I don't need to remind anyone on this Forum that the 'Cats came out of the locker room after halftime, and won that game.
Oh well . . . to each his (or her) own !!!


I glazed over that whole rant.

Two things out of it.

#72 hates the Ti-Cats.
Ti-Cats are terrible.

They were fortunate they lost by 5 points (17-12 make the final)

The Lions weren't playing up to the standard set by the home opener.

It that what you got out of it as well?

Yes something is wrong and i dont believe its the talent.where is june jones


White wouldn't have been able to catch it anyway

I've seen better offenses from kids who are 8 years old
12 points is pathetic from a pro football team


Nice defensive play.


Welcome to my world. I still think the Ticats will finish first.


June Jones? Hopefully you will settle for Khari Jones! While I really didn’t like the two third down play calls, I thought the overall offensive game plan in BC was much better than what we’d been seeing. Hopefully two heads turn out to be better than one.


First in the East? I can see it.

Hamilton first, Toronto second and... Saskatchewan as the cross over team heading into the playoffs.

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Maaax, I must thank you for making me aware of how the Riders might just sneak into the Regina-based Grey Cup this year (i.e. via the crossover). I honestly didn't consider that possibility. I'm wondering if that would be their fail-safe plan given the strong Western division. In fact, that might be an easier route for them. :thinking:


Would they be the visiting team, and be forced to vacate their locker room?


If I recall there has never been a Western crossover team in the Grey Cup since the rule was implemented around 1996. They have won the ESF a few times but never the EF.

However I think this year has the best chance to change that trend. The exceptionally weak East Division would be the easiest path for the 4th place Western team.