What was that last play in the Sask / BC game?

OK, I'm from the states and am not "up" on all the CFL rules. Can someone explain to me what Sask was attempting to do on the last play against BC? They were down by 4 with 50 something yds to go with about 5 seconds left in the game. They complete a 15 yd pass, the reciever runs a few yds and when the defense closes in, he drop kicks it to about the 5. BC caught the ball and the game was over, but the question is, what was he hoping would happen? Is this sort of like a fumble? Could Sask have caught the ball and scored? Since they were down by 4, it doesn't seem like he was going for a FG or a single. I saw this before and it's driving me nuts, I downloaded the rules, but couldn't find an explanation. I've been watching for a few years, but this year with only the NFL Lions to look forward to, I've been watching the Sat night games and many of the games are pretty darn entertaining.

That a Ruby play that the CFL still has, the guy was ploubalay trying to kick it to a man down the field to catch for a TD. Since the ball is now NFL size, it's really hard to do and most of the time it results in a interception, but when it successful, it's an AWESOME play!!! Your heart goes in your mouth when it happens! This rule makes the CFL great! and I hope that they continue to do this kind of play in the future and maybe a bit more often.


basically whoever is behind the person who kicks the ball is eligible to pick up the punt. Its a very hard thing to complete. Last year Calgary did it succesfully only to have the Refs screw it up and say that the guys were not onside(behind the kicker)

kanga not even close

The plan is this
Any player who is behind the person who punted the ball is concidered to be onside and can recover it. If the ball is in the endzone and an onside players jumps on it, it is a touchdown. It hardly ever works but there is nothing to lose

It's still a very awesome ang rubgy like play, I LOVE IT!

it is no different from a 3rd down punt except it relies on the element of surprise

C'mon, RO! you are wreaking the moment for me! :evil:

Sorry but it is what it is.

and it’s a great play that looks like a rugby play that I enjoy, so whats the problem?

I’m not upset, but geez!

I didnt think you were upset.
I love the play as well but when you said I was wrecking it I ment that it is what it is, a punt with a hope of getting the ball back

I guess that we just don't see eye to eye sometimes, but at least we love the play for whatever reason and no I understand (and agree with) that a player has to be behind the kicking guy to make the play. Thanks. :wink:

Its called a hope and a prayer play. You do alot of praying with little

When you do miraculously make the play, the refs usually blow the call.

Right ree? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ya dam Refs ha ha ha

Good one red! LOL

I like that picture! red! well done!

the ref was likely new to the CFL game so when he saw that play, he throw his flag not knowing that it was a legal! idiot!

Not likely.

It was a missed call, no big deal.

It think they just call that a quick kick. It's a punt, basically, but not on third down. I have been watching CFL for over 40 years and have probably seen it happen only about 4 times. Good little trick to know. I wonder if there is anything similar in the NFL. It's surprising what liitle known rules you can dig up.

You're right...Calgary executed the quick kick last year to perfection. The attemp by the Riders was pretty weak. It almopst looked like a broken play. It didn't look like they designated some players to go get the ball and should have probably kicked it less distance and set up some blocking.

there is nothing like it in the NFL, It’s 100% a CFL rugby thing.

I’d like to see it haven more often though, like if a team goes down in the 1st down, and the sistuation is 2nd and 15 or 20+, they can try a drop kick to get the frist and more. Hey, GOT NOTHING TO LOSE RIGHT? and if it fails, you can punt it and keep the other team way down the other field.

Edmonton also did it on the last play in last years West semi final, but it has intrecepted by the Riders.