What was Popp thinking?

I caught the end of the Eastern semi-finals and watched with disbelief the third down and a yard (and a half?) gamble that the Als took with a minute and a half left in the game and up by 1.
Was there some reason why they didn't punt it away rather than putting the ball in the hands of the Bombers on the Als 40 yard line?
Was the wind that bad or did Jim Popp make a bad call?
You have to punt the ball away in that situation, don't you?
The Als defence must have played well, keeping the Bombers to only 21 points to that point in the game. Let them get back on the field and hold the offence down.
Perhaps someone can shed some light on this one? I'm a bit confused.

popp is a moron.

his o-line is terrible, has been all year, and got stuffed on the goalline earlier....

had the als punted the ball ( as i thought they shoulda ), they woulda been traveling to toronto next week, not the bombers.

Hindsight is a great thing. If they'd punted and Winnipeg drove down the field to score there would be people saying he should have gone for it to maintain possession and kill the clock.

Nice try, it was half a yard which you should always go for.

I think I would rather take my chances on the probability of Winnipeg ‘driving down the field to score’ with a minute left than give them the ball on the 40 and a sure win.
You never know with that kind of wind. A good kick pins them deep. That’s a long way to go in a minute.
Once again, let your defence win the game!!

Funny , if this was a Ticat coach (especially Marshall) Crash and the boys would be ripping him apart right now . It was a stupid call that late in a game and with a great punter like Duvall they SHOULD OF KICKED !!!!

Id still love to have Popp as our GM but he should not be let near any sideline . The man can find talent and thats what he should stick to !!!

By the way , how many Yates cups does a man have to win as a coach and as a player to have people in Hamilton believe he knows football and can coach ????

The only good call he did all night was not let Maas play at all!:wink:

A man can win as many Yates Cups as he can manage: doesnt mean he can transition to be a successful CFL head coach.

Hmmmmm , When the strength of your team in the CFL is your Canadian talent and the depth there of , it seems silly that a man that coaches in the CIS is discrimanated against because HE IS CANADIAN !!!!!

How was he descriminated against? He was given almost 2.5 years as a head coach and the powers that be ( Canadians I might add ) felt he wasn't good enough.

Perhaps if he came in as an assistant for a few years he may have been able to make the transition succesfully.

So I ask, please explain how he was descriminated against?


I didnt say he was . I am saying that if it was an American college coach with that many wins in a bowl game he would be held up on a pedastal to coach in the CFL . Whether he didnt win at his first pro job or not !!!!

Your posts are a tad confusing.

First you say he was descriminated against, then you say he wasn't. Which is it.

As far as being put on a pedestal, Marshall was put on quite a high pedestal with much fanfare. He was the talk of the town and his CIS credentials were front and center. Ultimately he failed. He couldn't make the transition.


I meant that he wont be on anyones list to be a head coach . While someone who is fired by another CFL team will be whether they had a winning record or not .

Taffe was coach of the year twice and he lost here as well . If you dont have the talent you DONT WIN !!!!

[url=http://umterps.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/020701aaa.html]http://umterps.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl ... 01aaa.html[/url]

Here is proof that he can coach . What did he do , forget how , when he came here ??

If you dont have the TALENT you dont win !!!! No matter who you are !!

I wouldn't hire Marshall as a head coach. However I may consider him as an assistant. From there if the unit he is coaching is impressive for a few years then he may deserve a shot as a head coach. Right now and with this past track record ( Canadian or not ) he does not deserve it.

As far as TAFFEE. Lets give him the same amount of time Marshall had. Then you'll see the difference experience makes.


The coach who should be fired is Higgins . If you cant win with that offence there is something terribly wrong !!!

Shows how good our O line is run blocking wise . We played them back to back and had over a hundred yards rushing both games with a 3rd string RB . They have Reynolds and cant make ANY yards !!!

Your argument is silly. I can post links to succesfull coaching records the current ticat assistants had over the past 20 years south of the border. It meant nothing up here in the CFL as there units struggled and they were unable to make adjustments. Marshall failed in his first try. He may be a good CIS coach but it didn't work for him here.

The CIS, NCAA, to CFL is a huge jump for anybody.


You choose to call ME out of all people? Thats low man... considering I havnt posted on this topic.

Almost as low as me bringing up your "Flick will disappear in the playoffs like he always does" statement.... but i wont do that :wink:

Huh ?? So your saying his 2 coach of the year awards in the CFL mean nothing ?? They were consecutive wins as well .

Crash , you were the one who went on about bad coaching descions . That had to be one of the worst moves in CFL playoff history . If that was Marshall you would be asking to have the man fired . But hes an American coach so its ok to make that call ???

Ya Flick made a nice catch . But he still isnt a top 2 reciever in the CFL and that will be thier downfall next week in BC where they DO have quality recievers !!!!