What was Matthews thinking?

After the TD, but before the conversion, I was talking to the guys around me, and we were saying, they should go for the single, and try to take it away in OT. When Montreal went for the win, I thought, you guys are nuts! Well, I was right, they were nuts, and lost it.

What was Matthews thinking when he went for the 2 pointer?

Im starting to get pretty pissed at Matthews nowadays.
Megna and Curry benchings and now this. Stuborn guy man!

Obviously Matthews was thinking that there was still 45 seconds on the clock or so, plenty of time for Dickenson to make a completion and kick at least a single to win it. Matthews went for the win.
Remember the Als lost a game or 2 to Ottawa and someone else, earlier this year on the last play of the game with about the same amount of time left.
Anyway I support the call! BC would of gotten a point I think!
Even though it is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Als Molson. He was thinking win. DD is famous for getting into field goal range in the last minute of the game

I agree with Als Molson and ro1313 . And besides there are already how many threads on this call already??
As for getting rid of Megna , I would say from watching last nights game , he wasn't missed at all. The Als pass rush was super. Or did our O-line just suck?

I was at the game. It was a great 2nd half. 1st half was all scrambly and terrible really, for both teams. If Montreal had not coughed up the ball so many times they would have won. Als Molson is right. There was too much time left for BC to score at least a single if the Als tied with the final convert to tie.
It was a great game all in all and either team could have won.
Als picked on Dante Marsh all night and beat him every time. That guy lost the Grey Cup last year for the lions and almost lost the game last night too. I dislike him... he's not as good as he could be and the opposition knows it. At least OhManey managed to hit his field goals last night... he's always an iffy factor.

Don MAtthews is the biggest wingnut in the CFL. How can you defend him. HE cost you guys 2 games with bone headed decisions. Firstly, who the hell passes on 3 and 1 deep inside the other teams end with less then a minute left. Last night he cost your team a chance at a win in over time. IF neither team gets a yard I would like your kicker a lot better then BC's from 42 yards. You have to think that your defense is going to stop them with 45 seconds left in the game, and depending where the kickoff went BC might kill the clock.


If the 2 points conversion is completed, Mattews would have made a great call. Unfortunatly it didnt conmplete. But imo it was the call to do. Dont forget it was 1 am for the Als players. Who want to go in overtime this late in the night ? Plus there was still plenty of time left for the Lions to go for the single. A defeat is not the end of the world. I would have go for the 2 pts too.

  1. Als had the best team on field (at least, this game)
  2. BC's defense was exhausted.
  3. 45 secs was left on the clock.
  4. with a 1-point conv., all BC needed was a single point to win it
  5. with a successful 2 point conv., BC would have needed a field goal.

Instead of a 2-point conversion, I would made a fake 1-point try and make a pass in the end zone. That would have been a genious surprise move.

I would have gone for the 1 point convert and the tie. Duncan O'Mahoney has been struggling all year. I think Duval would have "Out Kicked" O'Mahoney. The Montreal defense played well,so Tie the game, kick it off deep and hope your defense gets it done again. Remember for O'Mahoney to kick a single, the Lions would have had to be around the 25 yard line to kick the single THROUGH the end zone. (End zones are 20 yards.)
Any further out, then Montreal could have returned kick the ball out of the end zone.

It's easy to be an arm chair coach....I'd say play for the tie.

The Als defence played great last night. You had to believe in them and let them try to keep BC away from our endzone. Then, had BC try to get a single for the victory, we could have run the ball out without regard for field position, or simply punt it out.

And the hour factor really isn’t one. The Als had the momentum in the fourth quarter. They score three TDs in 11 minutes. They could have played two more drives in overtime.

That call was a clear lack of judgement. It meant;

  • “I, as your coach, can allow myself to gamble with the efforts you put up for 60 minutes.”

  • “I don’t believe in our defence.”

  • “BC is better than us and they will beat us should we go in overtime.”

Even if the Als had made the convert, Dickenson could have drove the ball into field goal range, and that one point lead would not have been sufficient.

I think the decision was atrocious for all the messages it conveyed.

I am not calling for the Don’s head. But could he stop trying stupid things just to show how different he is.

O’Mahony can punt a ball 65 yards, don’t you get a rouge even if you punt it through the end zone? or does it have to be off a field goal?

Cause they way I’ve been thinking about it, BC’d only need to get 10 yards past center field to have a chance, anything inside the 40 is a sure bet.

Unless it has to be off a field goal that is.

No, you are right. I point for any kick that stays in the endzone (tackled/seceeded) or goes through the endzone. Does not matter if it is a kickoff, punt or missed field goal.
And although OhManey can't kick field goals he can boom a punt. BC would have had a good chance at 1 point with 50 seconds left as they did.

A 65 yard punt is generous, Unless its Winnipegs Jonn Ryan. Lets say Duncan booms one 50 Yards. They would need at least the 40 yard line to drive it through the endzone to score the point. If he is anywhere short, Landry runs it back, or another player(s) can return kick it out of the endzone.

Makes for a good discussion though....The "what ifs".

I think this "hour of the night" issue is an excuse. Unless they came out on Sat, they would have already been used to the 3 hour time change. You guys got to remember, these are young, strong athletes. When I was young, it didn't take long to to make a time adjustment, 9 hours and I was good in 2 days (including the day of arrival). 3 hours is nothing when you're young. Most of the time, teams make the trip 2 or 3 days in advance...

I was just checking the stats, and O'Mahony has a 44 yard average, and a 67 Long, but this J. Ryan guy on the Bombers has a 51 average and a 80yard long

That's insane! 80 Yards?

that was probably a punt that landed somewhere around the 5 and then bounced through the end zone after either going over the returners head.. or the returner letting it bounce instead of catching it so deep in his own zone...

Its not that crazy
At least one a year you see a great punt that is helped along by the wind and a bounce.
Thats not to take anything away from him his 51 yard average shows he has a great leg.