What was last nights 50/50 number

Some how I missed it and I don't see the number posted anywhere on the site. As stated on the 50/50 rules, the numbers would be posted here.

"6. If the prize is not claimed, the winning ticket number will be posted on www.ticats.ca and the prize can be claimed at our Business Office with the original winning ticket stub."

Please advise!

Anyone? Not even Ticat staff can provide the numbers?

Just fire off an email.

It’s worked for me in the past.

You did'nt win, trust me my buddy's dad won it was somthing like $7350 and then he brought us to the end zone bar for beer and all you can eat wings. If we would have won the game it would have been one of the greatest nights ever.

The number you've been waiting for...

029413 - It was claimed at the game.