What Was Hamilton Thinking Starting That Guy?

Timmy Chang or Tommy Chung or whatever his name is was a disaster for the Ticats yesterday. What the Hamilton coaching staff sees in this guy is beyond me?

He may have potential, but in no way is he ready to be a starter in the CFL. He’s at best three years away from being even average out there.

From his first few wobbly overthrown passes, to looking totally lost, Chang was obviously in over his head.

He may have thrown for the most yards in US schoolboy football last year, but if he is Hamiltons great hope at QB for the future I think they’re in big trouble.

Lets hope the Ticats can sign Casey Printers.
With Printers and Lumsden they could become contenders overnight. With Timmy Chang at the helm you don’t have a prayer. They may as well get Tommy Chung to QB.

I thought it was funny how Richie Williams came in at the end and went 3 for 6 for 54 yards... :lol:

I'm glad you found some humour out of yesterday, Chief.....

What was the President Scott Mitchell doing
meeting with Marcel and Charlie Taaffe last week?

Answer. Meddling.

Believe it or not, QBs don't grow on trees. They need playing time to develop. You can't play a guy for a half and conclude "oh you're not working out, next!"

Thats no way to run a team.

They were listening to their stupid fans.

Just go to the Hamilton Forum, check a few pages, and you'll see several posters wanted him to start.

Does someone need to get a sense of humour? :wink:

Yup... :roll:

...Timmy Chang....potential yes.....starter no.....but would any qb. look good in the Cats' offence right now.......i think there's gonna be a few changes now that Hams. playoff chances look pretty dim....maybe a qb. going somewhere... :roll:

Easy with the stupid fan comments. But I have to agree to a certain degree. The Hamilton natives have been rather restless to see Timmy Chang under centre and they got their wish.

I still think he has a lot of potential, but with an offensive line that struggles as much as ours does, against a veteran secondary like the ____s have, yesterday's result wasn't much of a shock to the more logical and knowledgeable Ticat fan. There isn't a lot of quarterbacks that are going to be successful with less than 2 seconds to throw the ball. We are in desperate need of two large, quick footed American tackles if anyone has a few to spare.

I would love to see the 'Cats open the bank up to land Casey Printers, and if they do, I would like to see an offense more tailored to his knack for throwing the ball downfield. The offense in place right now in Hamilton wouldn't suit his particular skill set.

But I will keep my fingers crossed.

Oskee Wee Wee,

  • paul

ps. 'TorontoIsMyHome', the reason the team listens to its fans is because when we go to a game, you can actually hear us! Have fun in your concrete obelisk you call a football stadium and keep sipping your crantini!


QB going somewhere?
Like home to work in his wife's shop?

orrrrrr MAAS heading to B.C......back to edm. ...where he's really loved by Dancin Danny...orrrr Popp might like to have Jason on board....pure specultion of course.... :lol: :lol:

Ironically, Chang's disastrous play may have guaranteed him some more starts before the end of the season. Had the Cats won, and the playoffs still been a realistic (if longshot) possibility, Taaffe would have been forced to start Maas -- clearly the better of the two at this point -- to try and get the team into the post-season. But now that the fat lady is warming up her voice, some more starts for Chang would make him a more experienced QB and a more valuable commodity next year when the games start to count again.

Giving Chang his first start in the biggest game of the year against a tough and confusing Argo defence was a big mistake, particularly when Lumsden is not playing. The other backs did reasonably well, but without Jesse, the play action fake barely affected the defence at all. And while the other backs did okay, they were hardly the obstacle that Lumsden provides in pass protection, or the target he provides on the screen pass. As a result, Chang, who needed more time than Maas to read the defence, had practically no time at all.

Chang has the physical abilities needed to be a great quarterback, but still needs to learn the game more. A lot more. It'll be a couple more years before he is ready to be a starter. And based on his comments this season, I doubt he'll be patient enough to wait.

And forget Printers; he has no interest in returning to the CFL.

Just for the record, I only agreed with the listening to the fans part, not the stupid fans part. Maybe I should have clarified that...