What up with that?!

I would love to see Milt Stegall interrupt Glen Suitor, Matt Dunigan and Rod Smith during a halftime show discussion when it gets boring with Milt breaking out in song and dance to "What's up with that?!" like they do on Saturday Night Live.

Rod Smith puts me to sleep!

Have like the Montreal cheerleaders dancing and singing on the side!

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What colour is the sky on your planet? It sounds like a fun place!
(I joke)

Welp , that's eight minutes of my life that I'm never getting back . :yawning_face: :dizzy_face: :roll_eyes:

The TSN halftime shows are boring. That was my point.

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I rarely find them boring, except when MS starts to argue with someone.

Did you watch back in 18 and 19?
A series of concerts by some pretty decent artists, the Beeches, Reklaws and a few others. But there was some crap rap stuff too

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