what up calgary

i was in lethbridge and was listening to fan 590 why was mike richards having that mock intrview with jeff Garcia and making fun of him ''gayness''.......i dont think during your grey cup wins you were doing that were you????

although it was in badtaste for the stampeder city to do it since he won you alot of games...IT WAS FUNNNY AS HELL

First of Mike Richards is an idiot! Any one finding humor from his childish skits well you need to look at yourself as well. Richards is as funny as lip cancer! Need I say more. :lol:
I you need to here his skit on Edmonton! But if you have not gotten over Ryan Smith leaving do not listen. Again Richards is a low level clown.

Red, is this the same guy a few years back was the PA announcer for the Stamps and got into hot water over an incident, the details which are a little sketchy?

it was funny though lol

No that was Jerry Forbes he is just as bad if not worse. The buys laughs at his own not so funny jokes.

Ah yes, Jerry Forbes was a DJ here in Toronto and I thought he was funny.
Is he still the PA guy?

Whats so funny about it? The guys is engaged to a playboy model. TO is a pompous jerk no matter where he goes he uses his bipolar to the extreme. Have you seen the interview with Garcia, girl friend and family I do not think it is funny at all when it comes to tarnishing ones image.

Its funny how some people judge books by it cover. It sounds like this guy is a Jim Rome clone. Idiots like Rome and others that try to be "serious" journalists should be yanked off the air. I find it interesting T.O.'s best years were when he had Garcia as his QB.

No not any more after that incident they had him replaced.

You are right Sambo and it is funny no matter what team he has been on he has been bad. Yapping about team mates. The Garcia family were hurt by this so called joke and mouth piece. I hope they send Richards packing soon, I can see why they canned his butt in Toronto. I use to like listening to sports talk in the the morning now with this clown it is just irratating so tune that station out.

did u hear the skit red?

05, was that the skit where Lowe phoned the wrong Smith.......

no, it wasnt.

Nothing that ignorant and offensive is funny, except maybe to the ignorant.

Gerry Forbes being canned by the Stamps, would help explain why CJay92 doesn't seem to respect the CFL ... I once heard the sports guy on the morning show (I think it was Wicksie) refer to it as high-school level football. HA. I REALLY would have liked to see him test that theory. This is the same morning show that Forbes headlines. Coincidence?

What exactly was "that incident"?? What did Forbes do to get canned by the stamps?

Yes Iddi I was in someone else's vehicle captive ha ha ha

But funny no.

I suggest you listen to the series Edmonton I do not think you will be a fan of Richards for very long.

It is in the same series though. The latest is the fans up rising against Lowe. Using sling shots because of the trade of Smyth.

You are right it is okay to have fun but not at the expense of someone's character.
Richards demeans women, players, special needs people and immigrants you name it the guy is a jerk. Sorry I do not find this funny and I am glad you agree.

Back to Forbes, he went overboard while doing the PA and didn't he rile the home crowd against the visitors to the point the home team was penalized.
Very unsportsmanlike and thats why he got canned?
Red am I right?