What type of fan are you?

I love sports and avidly cheer for my teams loudly when at a game. And throughout the entire game day experience I have fun - win or lose. Sure it is nicer when they win - but I will still have had an enjoyable, fun experience - no matter what the sport. Right now the Ti-Cats organization really do a great job with the game day experience.

At the Labour Day game we had a blast. We participated loudly in the Oskee Wee Wees! We clapped and yelled and made as much noise as we could when the Argos were lining up for key 2nd or 3rd down plays for them. We laugh at some of the things they do on the scoreboard during timeouts. I particularly noticed on Monday that I really liked the tunes they were playing during breaks in play ad as you will see in the video below not at all afraid of making ourselvs look foolish as we did so.

Most of the fans around us seemed to be like us. Having fun. You end up striking up conversations with them and like us they completely lost it laughing hysterically after the Kiss Cam ‘incident’ - with many ‘Oh my God - did he really just do that?’ comments.

But as my sister pointed out there are some very different fans around. The one sitting next to her who had an ‘I’m about to blow a gasket’ look on his face the entire game. He rarely participated in the positive cheers but loudly would scream expletives at the Argos or refs and seemed to be mumbling under his breath after almost every play And those type of fans don’t seem to cheer happily in a celebratory fashion when the Cats scored but rather look angry and look around for an Argos fan to taunt in an almost nasty fashion. Do those people actually enjoy the experience?

Others seem totally unengaged. Some of those with headphones on. They might stand only to still be able to see the play and not because they are jumping up to cheer but otherwise no reaction. They rarely seem to pay any attention at all to anything else happening in the stadium. My guess those type would have gotten home Monday and had no clue about the Kiss Cam incident, the amazing success of the Purolator food drive (over 230,000 lbs of food donated), or the great success of the 50-50 sales with $101,000+ going to the lucky winner or any of the other fun things that happened in the stadium that day. (The Cats really do an excellent job at making the experience fun.)

I hope that as long as I’m able to go to games my experience will look something like this. Having fun - courtesy the Ti-Cats, Neil Diamond and the fun loving people I go to games with - in this case my sister Sheila,

When you go to games - what type of fan are you?

I see myself as a fan along your lines. I live well off the beaten track and a long way from any CFL cities but when I do go to games, I have fun. Win or lose. I don’t boo the opposing team nor abuse visiting fans from the rival city. In fact, I tend to strike up conversations with rival fans because for the most part, we all have one thing in common: a love of the game.

There are, as your sister pointed out, the “others”. The fans who boo and scowl at the visiting team and don’t seem to be having much fun if the game is not going their way. And there are a handful that act this way and even misbehave when the game is going their way (last year’s deplorable incidents against the visiting Ti-Cats in the eastern final in Ottawa come to mind). These, in my experience are in the minority.

And on that note, of all of the “opposing fans”, in my own experience, Ti-Cat fans are the friendliest and most likely to strike up conversations with their rivals, exchange good-natured barbs during the game and have intelligent and informed conversations about football. At last years Grey Cup, I struck up conversations with a lot of Tabbys fans, both in the stadium and on the rail transit ride back to our hotel. I think it might have a lot to do with the nature of the City of Hamilton and its people.

Could not disagree more with your assessment of Ticats fans.

I won’t hit you with a deluge of personal experiences I have had attending games in both Toronto and Hamilton for Argonauts games, but I will not approach or interact with Ticats fans at all anymore.

I do not go looking for trouble, abuse the opposing team, or castigate fans of the opposing team when I attend games. I wish Ticats fans shared those same characteristics, so I could enjoy the games I attend in either city.
They don’t.

Enough said.

I’ve been to a handful of stadiums. I’ve experienced passionate fans and idiots across the league. One thing I’ve learned is that no team in this league has a monopoly on idiots or great fans.

Nice write-up. Seems to be those type of “fans” everywhere. Second last Argo game I wentto, I ran into three (what I call), bumbles. Bumbles aremixture of Oddball, sarcastic, bully, idiot, nitwit.We’re (Argos) are struggling as it is,and you think that yelling sarcasticallyat the home bench is going to help? Or perhaps egging home fans who are trying? Hopefully you won’t meet them.

Maybe they’re just tuned into the CHML-Radio broadcast?