What TV series do you have on DVD?

I have the following. Only original, not recent remakes

Gunsmoke, Guns of Will Sonnet, Cheyenne, Branded, Big Valley, Maverick

Wild Wild West, Alias Smith & Jones, Wanted Dead of Alive, Kung Fu, Virginian


Starsky and Hutch, Hunter, Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Fall Guy

21 Jump ST, Nikita, Cobra, Wiseguy, T J Hooker, Spenser For Hire, Vegas

MacGyver, Airwolf, Star Trek

SG 1, SG Atlantis, Sanctuary, Farscape

Fugitive, Profiler, Renegade, Walker, Mcloud

Bewitched, Dream of Jeanie, Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Facts of Life

F Troop, Mr. Ed, Get Smart

I think the only ones I have are Band of Brothers and True Detective season 1.

I've borrowed a bunch from my parents in law, including Hawaii Five-O and The Sopranos.

I'd like to get House and CSI.

The Time Tunnel, The Invaders, The Rat Patrol, The Avengers, The Munsters, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Sons of Anarchy, Get Smart, Kolchak, The Nightstalker, F Troop


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Mrs Brown's Boys (all seasons and all Christmas specials)

Trying to remember alphabetically...

Babylon 5
Battlestar Galactica (reimagined)
Big Bang Theory
Breaking Bad
Dark Angel
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
Greatest American Hero
Sports Night
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
West Wing
WKRP in Cincinnati
Xena Warrior Princess

Uh... lots...
Like really lots

At one point I started a directory on my computer to track them simply because there were too many and I made a mistake (I had seen a new dvd boxset, purchased it, brought it home, started watching it, thought it looked familiar, went checked my collection and realized I had previoulsy purchsed it)

Funniest thing was ending though; since I realized I had two of same dvd box set I went and posted on ebay, and wrote very clearly in description it was used and whoever buys this is getting a deal since I sell it less than list seeing as box opened and watched
Yet ended up in a bidding war and I sold it for a profit.... I still have no idea how/why

I own lots of rare, out of print stuff, lots of foreign region dvds, and in a few cases alternate versions

One of the things that always bugged me was series that ended their releases (eg only season 1-3 on dvd so 4-5 had to bootleg)

Hey I also have the complete CFL traditions series since its relevant for this group :slight_smile:


Game of Thrones
Breaking Bad
Six Feet Under
Sopranos (partial)
True Blood (partial)
Banshee (partial)
Strike Back (partial)

These came in handy the last couple of years when my TV cable was accidentally cut. I also have about 200 movies.

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and the Wallace and Gromit shorts....

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You and I have similar tastes. Except add some scifi to mine.

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Because you have good taste!

I have a little - British TV sci fi.

What surprised the hell out of me? I was looking for Hitchhikers Guide, the radio show. On CD a mere $220........

How did you make the graphic like that?
Some online database?

Ouch! That's way too much $$. I just reread the first 4 books.

Oh a series I missed... Rick Steeve's Europe travel show.

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none but only one i think i actually regret not having is Seinfeld

iā€™m not really a sentimental or collector sort. if i want to watch some old tv show i just track it down online.

I knew I would miss something. I too have Firefly and Serenity

I wish I had Xena

Plex media server. I have time, big hard drives are cheap, About $300 on a refurb (office lease return) PC and a few hours to set it up. Then lots of hours ripping. So all that is ripped and on the server and it sorta does what Netflix does and I play video through Roku's

I did that for music years ago with Squeexebox Music players. Not having to search through disks for music encouraged me to spend the time and effort to do it for Video.
When I want to listen or watch - no searching for the disk, ever......


I currently have:
Warehouse 13
looking to collect:
Falling Skies
Primeval New World

one of my brothers has the entire "Last of the Summer Wine"

Arrested Development
Beverly Hillbillies
Chapelles Show
Battlestar Galactica
Planet Earth
Kenny vs. Spenny
Peaky Blinders
Band of Brothers

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Curious as I had read about Plex before

Any limits on how many movies / shows you can rip? Are they all original size files or compressed?

I looked at website but not much info on the database; is there anywhere I can see index? (esp for my collection as I mentioned above I have lots of rare / out of print stuff so I am curious if it would be recognized or if not do we have an option to add an icon / graphic or it just shows a blank icon?)

Also curious is it possible to combine multiple servers (eg for theory sake, 1 at home, 1 at work) or do you need to access each one individually?

If I leave server running 24-7 does the Plex software have any indicators when an older drive is nearing eol?

Number of files is unlimited. Rip as much as you have room for.

Hardware is the determining factor for what format you will want to use. I started ripping to H264 and then when I changed hardware moved it all to H265, which depending on quality can be about 1/2 the size or less. Audio Format matters too. Most of mine is in "passthrough" which preserves the original audio stream. As an example both disks of LOTR Fellowship with DTS-MA file size is 14.4 gig. Say I was watching on my phone, the server can transcode video and audio on the fly to what my phone can handle. So if video plays but audio won't play it converts to AAC on the fly.
I use 2 software tools - Handbrake and MakeMKV. So say I'm ripping a movie, Use MKV to pull out the files, usually movie and extras, or for TV the episodes. Then Handbrake to convert them to H265. You can rip right off the DVD for Handbrake but since big drives are relatively cheap I keep a parallel copy of the disk image - if I want to change format, include closed caption or add extras to my library later - its easy.

If you can find information for your media on TheMovieDB, IMDB, TheTVDB, and I can't remember the others, it should add metadata automatically automatically once the file is named and stored properly. If it makes a mistake you can search for the correct meta. TheTVDB and TheMovieDB are community driven and you can add or suggest edits or change info for anything on their site. If it fails to match from there you can add a tag to your file (artwork included) and the server will read meta from the tag.

I have one "server". Its just a PC running Ubuntu Linux with a couple storage drives. I run Linux because its stable without reboot for far longer than Windows and I can get by with lower power hardware. Anyway, I can access Plex remote from anywhere there's an internet connection. Like a couple weeks ago on vacation I was watching from my hotel room in Canmore, no problems. I can access from my phone etc as well. I usually use a Roku and even from remote (they have a dorm room/hotel utility so you can connect where you have to agree to connect each device) it was simple. Plug it in, turn it on, open Plex and it connected - no need to do anything from my end except start watching.

If you want to get started - read the File Naming standards first. Figure out your file system for storage. I will say the better organized your library the easier it makes things down the road.
Then rip a few files, set up a user and a library in Plex and play with it a bit.

If you have more questions feel free to PM me...


This is great info. Can you also use Plex to rip a CD collection and then run it from your server? Either on your phone or in the car?