What turns me off about the CFL

I have no team in my city of London, Ontario which we should but that’s for another day. But what bugs me about the CFL on TV is that you look forward to watching a game. Then you turn it on and instead of a loud boisterous crowd you see empty seats galore. Makes it seem the game is unimportant. Then the TSN announcers add to the dreariness with their lethargic commentary.

Plus the season started with such little fanfare. Its like TSN can’t wait to get the games out of the way so they can give Blue Jays or Raptors updates.

Not sure how you fix this problem but CFL has to do something to make the games into an event. Because right now its the same old same old and its getting stale

This. Baseball has an 81 game home season and they celebrate opening day right.

The CFL has a 10 game home season and their season begins with a whimper.

I agree EastVan. I find watching games from BC the worst. Closing off the upperdeck and the bottom part is still half empty. I remember they used to pack that place including the upper deck. Something has to be done to create excitement in going to a game.

I believe that this is on the present list of the Commish's to do list. He's tackling one thing at a time, and I'm sure there's alot going on that we don't know about yet. And as far as London getting a team, I believe it will happen, let's get to 10 and watch what happens.

I don’t know what you guys are watching, but that’s not what I see. At all.

Sure there were lots of empty seats for the pre-season games. That’s understandable and normal. I’ve been to plenty of pre-season games in different leagues and they always have lots of empty seats. And if you’re complaining about empty seats in Winnipeg, well, two long lightning delays will do that. The other teams appeared to do just fine for the opening game of the season. Sure they weren’t sell outs, but the crowds weren’t exactly threadbare either.

As for opening day hype, I seemed to notice plenty of it. But then again I follow the CFL, various teams, and the commissioner on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. I get CFL news all day every day.

I'd say the commissioner is very aware the the origin of the CFL's problems are empty seats and that if that's solved most things follow.

Sully he's gotta kick the sales managers of teams like the Als and Lions in the butt cuz it seems they're happy selling 18k seats. I mean when the Riders have empty seats for their home opener somebody ain't doing their job

It's a double-edged sword. You see empty seats because all the games are on TV and the value proposition isn't there (for many) to get off the couch and schlepp down to the stadium - at least where I live. If the home games weren't televised though, you wouldn't see nearly as many empty seats, but clubs wouldn't get the big TV revenue from TSN either.

Pick your poison.

The CFL needs its own TV network. That will not only allow them to broadcast games exactly how they want, but it could be a real way to get more people aware and engaged with the CFL.

It doesn't need to be some big overdone and expensive thing either. Just quality content done in a reasonable manner.

I don't watch the stands, I watch the field. Love watching the CFL.

In terms of Ottawa and Hamilton... the empty seats are pretty much all bought and paid for, but the fans are free to wander anywhere in the stadium they desire, and many prefer to watch from the concourse.

Also, in Hamilton at least, there is a growing number of no shows the last couple years with the limited success of the team. So the Ticats get the money still, but the seats don't show it.

That's what I miss about good old Ivor Wynne stadium... you literally had to be in your seat to see the game. Anywhere you could stand would usually be blocking people's view.

Unsold inventory is one thing you can never get back. The Bombers, for instance had nearly 7,500 pieces of unsold inventory (if you can believe their posted sales figures); the Riders only had 3,000 pieces.

The Lions were challenged to do a boffo job promoting themselves and especially their home-opener. They did. Got to 23,000 pieces sold - 5 or 6,000 more than their game averages for 2017.

That said, teams like Sask'n & Wpg. are hamstrung by unsold inventory. If they start packaging it up and lowering prices they are directly insulting their most avid fans, their season-ticket holders. That's not a problem in markets like Toronto & BC where the existing base couldn't care less if ducats are sold for 99 cents, including a free piece of cold, greasy pizza.

McNall/Braley ended that.

The League has extended it's Broadcast arrangement with Bell(TSN) until 2021.No
change there for the time being.They might have a sub-licensing agreement enacted with
Rogers(Sportsnet) for a weekly game, perhaps Sundays, beginning next year.

The CFL's U.S/UK/Global media rights expire at the end of the season.This will give you a
clue as to what direction the league will take in the future.

London's got two teams nearby, and a third within the Provincial footprint.

Pick one, and roll with it.

Bill Hodgeson, Michael DeGroote, Bob Harris, Marc Lalonde, Jim Pattison, Harold Ballard and John Bassett all feel your pain.

I wonder if it was CFN that got 7 up to sponsor with CFL players in commercials .

That was one of the best CFL/Sponsor commercials put together .https://youtu.be/bYtGkuYyrJo

Well said.

Ottawa, Regina, Calgary (at times), Edmonton (at times) and Winnipeg - generally create a great game day experience. It's Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal that mostly have apathetic fans. It's not the league - it's the people there.

Why do you mention every team but Hamilton?

My bad. didn't mean to skip it. TiCats do a decent job.