What To Watch For Thursday

Besides the 2 things - punting and RB blocking - we`ve overtalked about, these are the other areas I will be focusing on:

  1. Any newcomers that stand out. Im not talking about the free agents, but the raw rookies we havent really heard about. Like Maypray last year.

  2. The development of the sophomores - Maypray, Brouillette, Chima, Matte.

  3. McPherson`s development - has he become a more consistent passer.

I'll be curious to see the development of the Anderson/Parker experiment
As a complement to that...and as Stewart's playing time diminishes
To see how much pressure the front four can bring to bear on the QB
Whether or not someone steps up and makes an impact on the line

I am also intrigued by who will win the 5th. receiver spot.

as the same for every CFL team at this time of year!! on offence the RB position!! on defence the blitz scheme!! on ST KO/FGK/P plus our coverage package!! plus the exhibition games on TSN/RDS!!