What to root for someone ,root for EDM to beat out SASK..

EDMONTON can still beat Sask. with a tie and
get into the playoffs and the cats will get
NO.1 and NO.2 overall picks in the CFL draft.
But I can't remember if sask ows us that pick
next year or in 2008?? anybody know?

This years pick

I'd be fine with Sask's pick being #3 if it means Edmonton missing the playoffs.

Am I the only one who doesn't get very excited at the prospect of more draft picks?

It's not like we did very much with the 2006 picks. I know there's a couple of "futures" in there, but did anyone eligible to play this year actually make the roster? There's only so many rookies we can carry at any one time.

the name of this thread? what to root for?
what does that mean?

i think it's something about digging potatoes out of the ground.

Have you guys seen the 2 stud linebackers at Laurier!!!grab these 2 guys please!!!

Yeah, but we didnt have our first round pick this year.

EDIT: We did, but we picked dead last.

If you check out the BCLions and the Als, their young Canadian draft picks all contribute. Our 2006 picks still playing in the NCAA, Gagne-Marcoux(Cent.Florida), Reid(Akron),Dyakowski(LSU)Roberts(Indiana St.) will , if signed, all get a chance to start in 2007. There are some gems in the 2007 draft as well.
So I too, hope for an Edmonton resurgence and a Sask. collapse.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

that was funny.

I'm hoping for Edmonton to finish DEAD LAST in the league. So as bad as our season was it wasn't the worst in the league! I don't put too much stock in the draft. Most of the guys that get picked are projects for down the road and if guys do make the roster they don't generally start right away. If this team is going to make a turn around next year it'll be through smart off-season signings.

I'm hoping that the Esks miss the playoffs. Stupid cocky team and fans...ahh can you tell I live in Alberta?? haha...

I'm rooting for an early winter, to forget about another November without football. :frowning: