What to do?

Alright, I am tired of this garbage. I am a younger fan (going on 20) but was raised on the Lions and they have always been my team; and I have some complaints. This may end up being backwards ramble but I need to vent.

First, let me get my 2 cents out about Smith.

Sure he missed the tribute night, this is something that one would assume a devoted player would not do, but **it happens from time to time and I am going to let it slide. Reading reports and news on Smith is depressing for me. I am a fan of him and I don't think we should be shopping him around anywhere, he belongs here. With him and Logan in the backfield, we have a power back and speed guy which is amazing. Smith hasn't put the numbers up from last year but he has not been given an ample chance. But this is still no excuse for his "yeah whatever" attitude, if he is not getting what he thinks is fair treatment, he should step up and do what it takes to get laced back up. Buono should definitely give him more chances though.

Second, I am tried of playing tag behind center.

Who's in this week? Jackson of course, but when the clock hits 8 during the 3rd, Pierce will come in for his time. What's up with this? Jackson has a bad game and gets pulled, yet next week he is back in only to get pulled again. I am by no means saying Pierce should get put in there and I expect him to save the game but I personally believe we as a team will go anywhere playing paddycake in the backfield and if this keeps up the only consistency the team will develop is the ability to sub QBs in. I say try Pierce and if he doesn't produce, then what do we have to lose? (besides blotchy wins here and there), put in Champ. We have to get something going here, and fast!

3rd, what is with some of the play calls?

Maybe it is just me, but we will be on a second and long and instead of a simple play to attempt the ten yards, Jackson takes his drop and launches one down field. Why? I mean it is great if we get a 30 yard gain but one out of five times is not enough to put a game together offensively. I say we need to get a bit more, not alot more but a bit more conservative on 2 down converts.

4th, the defense and special teams.

As a team, you can always improve, and that is no different with our defense. But by far, our defense is where the game is won. Time after time it is put on our defense to make something happen and when the ball is given back to the offense, it is well.. another L most times. Our defense is fun to watch and for the most part plays well (with exceptions to a few plays). As for the special teams, Ian Smart continues to impress and our ST is definitely a boost to the team.

And to finish I just want to add, what was with that call on Friday night? I mean the pass interference on Banks in the dying minutes?! That was a bogus call. But then again the ref had his head somewhere else. At any rate that is about it.

I am feeling somewhat better after this. I encourage people to agree or disagree. Call me out if you don't I would love to hear something and learn more. Thanks for the read.