What to do...???

We are going into the 9th game of season, and after that game players on the 9 game injured list will be allowed to play. Thurmon,Seagraves,Keeping..to name a few...what to do??!!

Seagraves: practice roster or released

Keeping: ditto

Thurmon: unknown

I'm not sure why you write releasing Keeping and Seagraves? Are they even healthy? Does not mean because you reach the "magic" number of 9 that they can't stay on the IR or that these are the players to be released. Someone else could be moved in their place. Drew just went on the IR...

We just signed Keeping in the spring. Have you ever seen him play?

Well I have seen Keeping play; for the Argos' D.........and they went out and got Belli to replace him because he couldn't handle the job as nose tackle in a 3/4 defence.

We've got Claybrooks and Williams playing superlatively at DT. Keeping would be a spare part at best.

MadJack sums up my opinion pretty nicely. Keeping Keeping (heh) and Seagraves around would be an unnecessary cap hit. We’re fine on the O-line with two vets (Mudge and Fritz) to back up the starting 5. At defensive tackle, as MJ says, Keeping is a spare part at best.

Of the 10 players currently on the 9 games injury list, only 4 (Hendrix,Keeping,Santos and Seagraves) are eligible to return. Stala and Thurmon after game 11 and Mudge after game 12.

Hendrix and Seagraves will most probably be added to the Practice roster; Santos will de re-added to the 9 games injury list and, if healthy, Keeping will replace Robertshaw on the active roster; Robertshaw should go to the practice roster. In early September the practice roster will be expanded,for 30 days, to 12 from 7.

At this time my main and even only concern is at MLB; Hunt is not the answer; too small for this position.

A player I have in mind, provided he is on the Als negotiation list, is Vince Hall, a rookie MLB who was recently released by St-Louis; his size is a concern for the NFL .-6 feet and 238 pounds- He graduated from Virginia Tech this spring. In 49 games, he had 404 defensive tackles,242 assists, 9.5 sacks and 3 int. He would be awsome in the CFL.

Let's hope that we beat BC next Friday, even with HUnt as MLB.


Richard, that's a nice post. I don't know anything about this Vince Hall guy but his physique sounds perfect for CFL MLB and his stats are great. In the NFL, if you aren't that typical gap-control, warm-breathing-body type, you don't have much of a chance. The CFL demands more athleticism and versatility from the linebacking position so this guy could fit right in.

That being said, I have a really hard time seeing Burke bringing in an unknown with zero CFL experience into the starting MLB spot ahead of Hunt, who was our biggest free-agent signing this off-season. It might be a case of 'wait until next year'. :wink:

I'll agree with that. I like Reggie Hunt, always have, but I too question whether the middle is where he can be best utilized (mind you, I hate the thought of sitting either Ferri or Hill to play Hunt on the outside)>

...and what's going to happen when Duane Taylor returns?

Another spare part. No way do I play Taylor ahead of any of Hill, Ferri, or Hunt.

Lord only knows. Hunt is playing well and you can’t really sit him. Hill is near the top of the league in tackles. Ferri is a baller. The problem is that none of them is big enough to be a legit, run-stopping MLB, which we haven’t had since Kevin Johnson.