What to do with the West Harbour now

I think this is the third thread that the stadium debate thread has spawned. Even though the debate is almost over, the thread itself seems to be trying to preserve it's existence but churning out other topics. Anyways, now that's it's officially Ivor Wynne stadium what do you want to see happen with the West Harbour lands and what do you think will happen? And yes, if you honestly think a municipal investigation needs to be done for the city, for buying land that has languished for ages and has been a black eye upon the city, the post here.

It is a toxic dump. Good luck using it for anything without pumping millions into it to clean it up first. A truly stupid land aquisition on the part of City Council.

Truly stupid, becasue the smart thing should have been to leave those properties abandoned, rotting and dirty for the neighbours and the half a million annual waterfront visitors to enjoy.

It was a truely stupid move expropriating the houses but the factory needed to be torn down and only the city has the will to do it. It should never have been attached to the Pan Am projects but for about $15M a park and bandstand with lawn seating on the hill could have been built. No idea why they expropriated when WH was known to be dead. Really really really foolish

To be fair, saying that the existing housing down there are in ill repair I think is being generous. Anyways, the land is going to be cleaned up at a cost to the taxpayers/future fund. I’m expecting park expansion, connecting Bayfront Park to Central Park and Dundurn castle. I would also expect two maybe three floor condo/houses with a couple of cafes.

I don't expect condos. The standard of soil re mediation for housing is far more onerous than that of simply capping for parkland. I really don't think its unfair to criticize the expropriations. To say those houses are falling apart isn't exactly accurate either and the city certainly didn't need the inventory

I since I first heard of West Harbour my thoughts have not changed on what should go there....CASINO. With view of the harbour and with the existing traffic infrastructure, to me this is the perfect solution to not only improve to the immediate area but also help expose the potential use of the downtown. The city would also get utilization for 365 days a year which is better than any park or stadium. This also could increase the usage of Copps and Hamilton Place, as more enterainment act can be associated to the casino. The additional revenue stream from hotel, restaurants, and tourist can be found too.

I see a complete WIN-WIN for city of Hamilton and the private section.

Is there a better solution that could generate revenue and interest into the city??

There was a thread on RTH that talked about leaving the Rheem building as is and making the interior into whatever - a climbing gym and other rec ues, an artistic place for glass blowers, painters, sculpters etc. Something else to consider. Who knows.

I'm not into Casino's but if that works, sure. Maybe a hotel that is like the place in the Falls with a huge indoor water slide and pool sort of thing.

I wouldn't say it's unfair to criticize the decision, I just feel that there are merits to it. When dealing with almost any kind of development, having a larger parcel to work with tends to be more appealing from a developer's perspective, and it's not like the people who have been expropriated haven't been given a fair chunk of change back.

As far as the soil, you are very right AKT. Residential remediation requires much more work then capping for parkland.

As far as a Casino, there are only two places I would like to see a Casino and that's to replace the Bingo Hall downtown or at the Royal Connaught and have in run as a Casino/Hotel.

You sell to devlopers and hope that they build restaurants/bars and condos. There are a lack of restaurants and bars in the WH area, some nice expensive condos too with great view of the harbour. The city gets a decent price for the land and also tax revenue from the businesses and condos.
There is enough park land already in the area and the city doesn't get revenue from parkland.

A casino at the Royal Connaught? that's a good idea, keep some money in the city. I know that a lot of people spend their money at the Niagara casino.

Casino probably wouldn’t need too deep investigation of soil, plus you might be able to use the old TV show title as a slogan " You Bet Your Life" :lol:

(or at least your health and that of your descendants).

The fact that the city now owns the land and if I am not mistaken I believe they are looking at buying the rest of the remaining acreage as if the stadium was going there. They can get it cleaned up and parcel it off to developers. If they never bought it, no one would ever touch it. It has to be dealt with. The remediation was last pegged at 3 to 5 million even at double that it needs to be done. Personally I would like to see mixed residential and some outdoor patio restaurants and pubs. All it takes is one to start and build a buzz.

How about we follow the report we paid for (setting sail)?

At least with no pressing timeline Pan Am stadium at WH, the city shouldn't get fleeced from some company doing the cleanup, not as fleeced anyways. Or whomever.

The WH has left a sour taste in most of our mouths. How about we let the dust settle for awhile before we blow anymore good money on a site of questionable value to the rest of the city.


How about a Ontario place type , tourist attracting amusement or theme park with rides / waterslides, Hotels, Condos,Casino and world class stadium, ok ditch the stadium :wink:

The old Rheem buildings should be turned into movie studios. That way, what's really buried under all those cement pads never has to be revealed and dug up. :wink: