What to do with the Renegades?

Okay guys, there already is a huge thread about the this and that of the Renegades, I want a serious Poll with facts to see what option really is the best for the CFL.

Please post any info or numbers you might have to help the facts.

I checked out Touchdown Atlantics numbers form last year and they had 11,000 that attended and this years tickets are around $40 to $65 each. Gives a min/max range of $440K/715K or about a middle of $600K/game revnue. But if it was afull regular season and not a pre-season, the prices could be increased?

Ottawa averaged 18,000 fans and the tickets were around $10 to ?. Actually on their website it says $25 and $75! No in between? WTF no wonder they have issues. Anyhow, with only 2,000 season tickets sold... that's probably going to drop a few thousand off the average attendance. Anyhow, using last years numbers I get a min/max range of $450K/1,350K or about $800K/game.

Hmmm... what are the attendce like at the PEPS in QC?

Attendance at the PEPS ressemble that of Touchdown Atlantic for the same reason: maximum capacity.

I believe people pay 45$ to 65$ to go to Touchdown Atlantic because it's a unique event. I highly doubt they'd pay 65$ a game for 10 games.

Moving the team to a place with nothing but a University stadium could work if there was the project to build a real stadium at the same time. You can afford to lose money one season because of lack of seats if it is to create a buzz and a desire to go see your team in a bigger and brand new stadium the following year. It is however not workable if no stadium is upcoming as losses are garanteed year in and year out.

Folding before season start would be such a freakin' mess. The league has to run the Rens through 2006 if the Gliebs tap out.

Right now, the only lucid option (unless someone wants to build a stadium elsewhere) is to try to make the most of the Rens right where they are now.

........keep them where they are and make it work.........but what do I know?, I'm drunk.......

Maybe that's what we need: find a billionnaire and pour whiskey down his throat until he buys the team.

If Bernie drops out, and no other owner is found, the CFL has to pick up the ball. If no new owner can be found by the end of December, then fold them.

.....I can satisfy half of your criteria.......maybe I'd make a good Owner....is there a decent sized lake near Ottawa that a guy can rent a fair sized party boat?.....what about an escort agency?...any of those in Ottawa?......

You can't move them to Halifax just yet, Wait for a stadium to be built. hopefully soon.

Are you kidding? The Parliement hosts hundreds of crooks, miles away from their wives, and you ask if there's any escort agency in the capital?...

Sober up ! You don't think clearly.

the future of the renegades!

As much as you hate to leave Ottawa, this mess may only have two options left. Either fold or QC, where Nords owner Marcel Aubut is still interested.

exactly...better to move than fold the team. this way, were still a Halifax team away from 10.

let Marcel Aubut buy the team and run it just like the als...in a 20K stadium charging high ticket prices to, atleast, break-even...then convince the government and sponsors to help pay to expand the stadium to 25-30K.

now labour-day adds a TRUE classic, rather than forcing a boring ottawa / montreal game.

hamilton vs toronto - sold-out 29K
calgary vs edmonton - sold-out 35K
quebec-city vs montreal - sold-out 60K ( big o )

then u just replaced the only black eye in the CFL with a sold-out and healthy team...and in 2018, after 5-10 years of a thriving 10 team league ( including QC and Halifax ), u expand to ottawa, who will have forgotten about 30 years of losing and bad ownership by then.

Hilarious Jersey!
I'd be wearing my Nordiques Jersey :smiley:

The absolute, absolute last resort should be moving the team (to QC for example; that looks to be the best option, as they're the only place with a viable stadium, and an interested potential owner).

But the team MUST NOT fold ... and I'd really rather they end up working out in Ottawa rather than move.

If the CFL was willing to carry the Argos AND the Ti-Cats, then it should/will be willing to do the same for the Renegades ... and that's fine by me. I don't care if the Stamps (my team) lose money to support the Renegades ... I don't even care if ticket prices go up, if it involves supporting the Renegades. I'm sure most of you feel the same ...

If the team absolutely HAS to move to find a good owner, then fine. But that should be an absolute last resort ... first it should be tried as best as possible in Ottawa (ie, exhaust EVERY option in Ottawa), even if it involves the CFL carrying the team for a bit. The team MUST NOT FOLD! The CFL can't let that happen ... everything else is going too well for that to happen. THEY CANNOT FOLD!

most here want to see Ottawa work out, and what would the league be w/o a team in the National Capital Region?

No...then they'll be complaining about FORTY years without a winning team.

We should try everything we can possibly do to make the Renegades work in Ottawa. If they fold or are forced to move, then forget Ottawa...for good!No city deserves a THIRD chance to embarrass the league.

Hear Hear!

i def. want ottawa keep a team, i absoulty don’t want to see them move to quebec city or halfax

Great Jersey DG!

I think the league will have to run the team this year in Ottawa (Unless a sucker, I mean owner can be found) R&W has an idea to help with revenue for the team…Parliamentary Escort Services. Even have an advertising slogan…“If the Owners wont f**k you, our Girls will”. If the fans won’t come out to support the team, then move them to Halifax or Quebec City for 2007.

Hey DG how about a Jersey for Halifax?

Im pretty sure he made one already. He posted it on a different thread. I'll try and find it.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=4655&highlight=halifax+team+logo]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... +team+logo[/url]

All right, he didn't make it but he found one that he thinks they should use.

then why did Baseball give D.C. another go?