What to do with Season Ticket credit

So I recieved an email from the Riders. They'll refund four games. Options are:

  1. Account credit for ticket purchase
  2. Rider store credit worth 110% of tickets
  3. Donate to Rider Foundation. Community based initiatives
  4. Donate to the club
  5. Full refund

Any suggestions and why?

  1. Donate to the Toronto Argonauts. We need it more. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously, though, I would probably opt for 1 or 3.

I've been lucky in that my work/income hasn't been affected by the pandemic, but if it had been, I'd probaby go with 5.

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If they are refunding 4, does that mean 6 games at home? Therefore a 12 game season?

I'd take that as a best-case scenario.

OTOH, if Regina is chosen as a hub they might get all home games.

Depends on your particular situation: If you are ok financially I would just let it roll over as credit for next year.

I assume this 110% credit is a 10% credit on purchase and not 110% credit on purchase?

Correct. Sorry I see how it could be a bit fuzzy.

I'm considering option 3 or 4 but will call the ticket office Monday. It would be nice to replace a jersey that was stolen out of my car a while ago. Itd be nice to split it to donate some and buy a jersey with the rest

Let us know what you decide
So you can actually donate money to the Riders themselves? This money will stay within the organization?

Yes.. no tax receipt
Rider Foundation is a tax receipt

OH OK. That's interesting. I guess because they are technically a non-profit organization they can do that

the Rider Foundation is a charity that is run by the Riders. None of the funds donated there are retained by the team, they all go to charitable actions. The Rider Foundation charity is registered as a charity with CRA therefore they can give out donation receipts. If you donate to the "Riders", the money does go to the team and you do not get a charitable receipt.

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I chose the 4 game credit to my Rider account , I also asked them to not refund my Grey Cup tickets and credit me for tickets to the 2021 Grey Cup . The said they could do that.