What to do with our Cap room

Which player[s] from the CFL free agents list
would you choose to markedly improve our team ?


ABDULLAH, Rahim I DL 6.06 250 Calgary
ABOU-MECHREK, Mike N OL 6.06 295 Winnipeg
ALLEN, Damon I QB 6.00 191 Toronto
AUGUSTIN, Ducarmel N RB 5.11 223 Saskatchewan
AZZI, David N WR 6.01 204 Toronto
BALL, Chris I LB 6.03 225 Hamilton
BANKS, Brad I QB 5.11 201 Winnipeg
BEATON, Bruce N OL 6.05 287 Edmonton
BELLI, Adriano N DT 6.05 289 Montreal
BRAZZELL, Chris I WR 6.02 199 Winnipeg
BUSH, Davin I DB 5.08 165 Saskatchewan
CAVIL, Kwame I WR 6.02 205 Winnipeg
CHARBONNEAU, Steve N DL 6.05 295 Edmonton
CHARLTON, Ike I DB 6.00 202 Winnipeg
CRUMB, Mike N S 6.00 194 Winnipeg
DAWSON, Jajuan I WR 6.01 200 Montreal
DORVELUS, Patrick N DB 6.00 200 Montreal
GALLANT, Shawn N DB 6.01 211 Winnipeg
HATHAWAY, Cory N FB 6.03 235 Saskatchewan
HEPPELL, Bruno N FB 6.00 230 Montreal
JEANTY, Rashad I LB 6.03 245 Edmonton
JUSTIN, Airabin I DB 5.11 190 Hamilton
KIDD, Carl I LB 6.00 202 BC
LANDRY, Ezra I WR 5.04 160 Montreal
LEFALL, Dwayne I DL 6.02 263 Saskatchewan
LEFSRUD, Kevin N OL 6.04 295 Edmonton
MALBROUGH, Anthony I DB 5.10 185 Winnipeg
MARTIN, Tee I QB 6.02 230 Winnipeg
MASSON, Pascal N DB 6.00 175 Calgary
MAXIE, Demetrious I DL 6.03 270 Calgary
McCALLA, LaDouphyous I DB 5.08 186 Saskatchewan
MCKAY-LOESCHER, Nautyn N DL 6.02 260 BC
McLOUGHLIN, Mark N K 6.01 193 BC
MORGAN, Omarr I DB 5.09 175 Saskatchewan
MOROZ, Mark N OL 6.04 290 Hamilton
MORREALE, Mike N WR 6.03 210 Hamilton
MORRIS, Chris N OL 6.05 290 Edmonton
OCKIMEY, Ron I LB 6.02 215 Winnipeg
OKEKE, Uzooma I T 6.02 320 Montreal Montreal
OOSTERHUIS, Jon N DL 6.04 266 Winnipeg
PARKER, Travis I DE 6.05 275 Montreal
PETERSON, DeVonte I DE 6.02 275 Hamilton
PRINGLE, Michael I RB 5.09 202 Montreal
PRINTERS, Casey I QB 6.02 216 BC
REGIMBALD, Scott N FB 6.03 245 Winnipeg
RICHARDSON, Jamal I WR 6.03 207 Saskatchewan
ROBICHAUD, Matt N LB 5.10 235 Hamilton
RUIZ, Donald N DB 6.00 200 Saskatchewan
SAMUELS, Stanford I DB 5.10 190 Winnipeg
SIMMONS, Antuan I CB 5.10 185 Montreal
STANTON, Jeffrey I DB 5.10 190 Edmonton
STUBBLEFIELD, Taylor I WR 6.00 175 Hamilton
THELWELL, Ryan N WR 6.02 190 BC
TOUNKARA, Ibrahim N WR 6.02 215 Saskatchewan
WESTWOOD, Troy N K 5.10 190 Winnipeg
WILLIAMS, Tyrone I DT 6.03 285 BC
WOODSON, Sean I LB 6.01 240 Winnipeg
WYNN, Spergon I QB 6.03 223 Toronto
YEOW, Cam N LB 6.01 230 Calgary
YOUNG, Glen N LB 6.03 235 Edmonton

The list is a bit wierd. Mike Pringle is on it.

I will take Taylor Stubblefield.

He is like D.J. Flick without the speed.

Okay, I just looked at the CFL Free Agent list, and well I wasn't blown away, I did notice a few players that could make an impact on our team.

Rahim Abdullah - Import - DL (Since we've lost a lot of our D-Line, he could add some spice to our D-Line)

Adriano Belli - Non-Import - DL (He wants to come back, and the coaches that were there when he left, aren't around now)

Brad Banks - Import - QB (We might as well add as many possible quarterbacks to fight for a spot, I've seen flashes of greatness from this guy, it's worth a shot)

Carl Kidd - Import - LB (Our LB group has be less then stellar the last couple of years, and no, he's not Barrin Simpson, but he'd help)

Ezra Landry - Import - WR/KR (If his problems at home are dealt with, it would be great to have him as a kick returner. We've needed a quick, agile, small returner for awhile now, and having Landry do the returning would spare our starters from becoming "hit-stick" bait on returns)

Ryan Thelwell - Non-Import - WR (One of the most obvious choices for a pick-up this offseason. Although he's getting older, he's still an asset to any team, especially being Canadian)

Spergon Wynn - Import - QB (However much it pains me to put him up here, he wouldn't be a bad signing at a very low price. He'd fight for a back-up spot, and it's possible he could show his QB Challenge skills in training camp. Though, I won't cross my fingers for this one)

Now, there were still a few others I'm going to list, although I'll probably take some slack for a couple of them. The following players are more of a, if we have the money and if we don't draft (or trade for) someone better.

Chris Brazzell - Import - WR (Yes, I said those two bad words, no not Argos $uck, but Chris Brazzell. Now here me out, new coaches, smarter coaches, and a even less then stellar WR Core. He could be a 3rd (possibly second) string WR and if he gets to play WR (not SB) then he could be a great pick-up for the right price (and the right attitude change))

Kwame Cavil - Import - WR (Again, I know, we traded him away, he wasn't worth it, yadayadayada. I'm not saying the guy should start, but as someone who can play both WR/SB he would be a great fit for 4th or 5th string. Again, this is if he comes at the right price and if he'd be ready to sit on the bench, yet again)

Troy Westwood - Non-Import - K/P (Okay, even myself, a Boreham Backer, know we need a change, unless Jamie makes some MAJOR (and I mean Robin becoming Batman) changes. I know he's old, and I'm not saying to just throw him into the starting role, but a little competition never hurt anyone)

This is just my opinion on what we could do this offseason, feel free to add your own wants/likes list. Don't we all wish this years Free Agent crop looked less like a needle in a haystack and more like Stripes on his little bike (you can't miss him)

I can't honestly say that there is anyone on that list that would make me jump into a "frenzy". I feel pretty much "meh" about most of those guys. Brazzell and Cavil no thanks. Westwood-nope I think we should be looking at someone who isn't quite so long in the tooth. Wynn-well since we just bet the farm on Butler I'd say that's not likely. Perhaps the DT's and LB could help us out and maybe Thelwell, but other than that I'm indifferent.

I never understood how Stubblefield could not make the team last year.

He is a slightly bigger Ben Cahoon.

Best hands in the draft was what one NFL scout wrote about him.

15 TD's in his senior season.

We kept guys like Cavil and Vaughn because we traded for them, and a guy like Yeast based on his past record.
Bad personel decisions to be sure!!!

I would like to hope we could get him back here and tell him we are sorry. With Lancaster gone we can show the players some love now...Oh yeah, this is football. Tell him to get his a*s to the practice field!!

I predict the Cats will sign Belli, Abdullah and Omar Morgan. The help we need at receiver and linebacker will be taken care of at the draft and through scouting.

Does anyone remember how bad our offensive line was last year? We need to improve the O line and the D line since everyone was released. The strength of a team always starts in the trenches on either side of the ball. Start building there and then fill in the rest!

you guys have everyone and his dog signed on the O-line. That'll be a case of just letting the coaches figure out a good combination among the hordes of guys that are at camp.

Thelwell, Morgan, Belli, and Kidd interest me the most in that order.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'd like to keep Stubblefield. A guy kind of under the radar as far as WR are concerned is Jamal Richardson. He was having a good year until he got hurt. As long as he's fully recoverd we might be able to get him cheap? Abdullah would be nice, as would Morgan. How about Maxie?

I'd say Stubblefied, Thelwell and Morgan.

Bring in everyone else through scouting.

Stubblefield didn't play in the CFL last yearPat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

Does anyone think Mike Vanderjagt would consider playing in the CFL again? The doors could be closing to him in the NFL since Dallas cut him. That would be an interesting Ticat signing!

Vanderjagt would be a band aid... we need a long term solution at kicker.

A very good band aid at that tho.

Matt Robichaud, the best long-snapper in the CFL.

kinda like one of those body cast type bandaids...

Non-import defensive end Nautyn McKay-Loescher (6' 2", 260 lbs, age 25) would be a nice free agent addition to the Ticats. He had 8 defensive tackles and 5 QB sacks in part-time duty for the B.C. Lions last year.

I don't think there's any question that Desjardins will go after Belli and Loescher, but if the Argos scoop up either one of those guys, look for the Ticats to sign Abdullah (who impressed me last year with his motor and size).

Couldn't agree more with this old saying. We stunk at the line of scrimage last year. A weak pass rush, and how many times were we unable to get one yard on offense because the O-Line had no push.

With this in mind, I would go after Abou-Mechrek, who brings a lot of experience and is from London, and Abdullah. Outside of this, Thelwell may be a good addition, but not at any cost, and possibly one of the several DBs available, as we can get better at not too big a cost.


I like a couple of those Winnipeg DB's. With Butler here, their may be a better chance. Why not weaken an eastern opponent in the process?