what to do with old pros.

Many retired players keep fit and look like they can still play. Some do play recreational touch or flag. I would like to see a small league of only ex pros, over 40, with x amount of yrs as a starter. Non contact. Unfortunately, this would leave Schultz out but then what to do with old linemen? I guess there is always wrestling :slight_smile:

I'd prefer to see alumni welcomed back into the organization as coaches, local media, members of the Board, etc.
I think that the Edmonton Eskimos do this better than any other CFL team and that it has created a knowledgeable fan base that is proud of their winning tradition.

I couldn't picture Edmonton ditching Hall-of Fame RB Charles Roberts in a flea bag motel in Regina or dumping the best playoff FG kicker in CFL history, Troy Westwood, like a piece of garbage. Meanwhile, Khari Jones became an assistant coach at Hamilton after letting the Bombers know he was available. They weren't interested.

I believe one of the analysts on last night's Ham/BC game mentioned that TiCat LB Ray Mariuz was playing alumni games in Burlington? during his short lived retirement.

I'm not certain who plays in these type games or if they are scheduled in different cities?

doubt it is contact though... :frowning:

Sad to say, most football players leave the games as cripples. The avg. pro football career lasts 4 years.

The alumni games in Winnipeg tend to be hockey games against the cops or TV personalities. There may have been a couple of football alumni games, but if they do happen here, they're extremely rare. You can probably count the number of Bomber Alumni on one hand who actually live in Winnipeg after they retire.

There are the semi-pro Northern Football Conference (Ontario) and Alberta Football League. I think they're contact, though.

....yeah it's rough being an exBomber like Ploen, who lives in Wpg. and had a street named after him and quite a few notables like Hucklack , Poplawski,, Willard Reaves, Bud Tinsley (who just passed) and many more live and have made a good living in the Peg...Yes just a terrible organization...I guess that's why they hang around :lol:

....here's some more ...Bob Cameron, Trevor Kennerd, Westwood and a whole bunch i can't remember off the top of my head...but you get the picture

James Murphy, Kevin Neiles, Wade Miller etc etc.

The Bombers actually brought Markus Howell back last season and added him to the coaching staff. And who was that guy that went to Calgary......pretty sure he played for the Bombers before becoming CEO was it?

Not one of BSH better troll attempts.

Bob Cameron lives in a huge house that I used to deliver papers to, down the street from my dad's house. (Huge brick house on Clare Ave, 5 houses in, just off Osborne at Jubilee.) I've seen him out there raking leaves before. That yard is huge, he's probably out there right now raking it :smiley:

What a great idea... hold an alumni game. We could call it the Liniment Bowl.

Oh wait, that has already been done.

Liniment Bowl