What To Do - Life or Football?

My family made plans to go camping in the Mattawa area from Aug 5. to the 9th.

Only now did I realize something - we play two games at home in a row - and I'm going to miss the Aug. 8th game.

This is a huge deal for me, as I haven't missed a game in over four years - if I don't miss this one (or any else for the rest of the season, it will be 50 straight games).

My girlfriend plans on coming camping with my family, which just makes it harder.

I'm torn between my two loves, what on Earth am I to do?


check your PM's :wink: I might have you covered!

Miller, I remember facing those kinds of decisions in younger years. I do emphathise. But my advise is simple. Choose family. The sun will rise again on another Ticat home game. Start a new streak after a great camping trip with your loved ones.

Well you reminded me of a song I've heard. Here's the lyrics.
I modified the prounouns a little.

"Torn Between Two Lovers"
There are times when a man has to say what's on his mind
Even though he knows how much it's gonna hurt
Before I say another word let me tell you, I love you
Let me hold you close and say these words as gently as I can

There's been another team that I've needed and I've loved
But that doesn't mean I love you less
And this team knows they can't possess me and they know they never will
There's just this empty place inside of me that only they can fill

If she buys that. Your in!!!

Family for sure no. 1 BUT and here's my BUT. This year, my wife who loves mountains and that and granted doesn't get first pick at holidays where she works, picks the week after the long weekend to go out west to Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise etc. and tells me that we are leaving on the long weekend and then I say to her we will miss the Labour Day game and I don't like that and she says, oh, forgot about that. Ok, it's the wife, she gets the pick since I'm a homebody but she knows only too well the rath she will get from me missing the Labour Day game, hmmmm, not worth it. She altered her schedule and now we are leaving on the Tuesday after the long weekend and everything is ok. So Miller, here's the deal, go along with things if you have to with family but make sure they know you are not a happy camper at all and just might be a bit on the brooding side and that, get your point across is what I say. 8) You might get lucky like I did this year but even if you don't, they know you're not a doormat to your own things that are important to you, alongside family of course.


I would like to say football but you're been to enough games that missing one is okay. Family comes first.


It's tempting to say "they could go camping anytime but not when a game is on."

But one of the things I have learned the hard way in my life is ......FAMILY IS #1!!!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!!!
Get used to sacrificing your hobby occasionally right now because you will damn sure have to do it later in life, especially if you are married and want to stay married.
Make a genuine attempt to enjoy yourself with your family and girlfriend and do NOT brood! You won't regret it. Your girlfriend will sure appreciate your choice.
You can catch up on the game from TSN's archives and the forum when you get back.
So what if you have a long streak of not missing any games? When you look back later in life and remember when missing a game turned out not to be important after all because you spent a great time with your family...you won't be kicking your self in the rear end for missing this great opportunity.
It's only football. Great hobby but nowhere near as important as family.
If you never, ever, read or agree with a thing I write about the Tiger-Cats on this forum......please take this one post to heart. It is written from experience.
One more thing. Mattawa is a nice town. It's only 40 minutes down the road from North Bay where the North Bay Tiger-Cats (now the Bulldogs) of the Northern Football Conference used to play. Likely still lots of Hamilton Tiger-Cat fans still there. That should make you feel a bit better. :smiley:

Family. Not even close to being an issue. There will be many more football games.

Have a great camping trip.

Thanks guys, I knew what my choice would be. I'd love to go to the game - but the time away with the girlfriend is more important. I know that, I just choose not to admit it sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Your away from the 5th - 9th? So come home with the gf a day early on the 8th. You still get to see the game and be with the gf. You're not married yet and you'll still be in all the family pics. If you're having a great trip then hit the local bar and ask them to show it. Spinner Spencer style. Oops, noooo don't do that.

Well, I don't have my G2, she's not comfortable enough driving that far, and we're both under-age drinking wise. Leaving us still in Mattawa during kickoff.

Having been divorced twice, I am not in a position to give any advice on this topic................................

I'll second that statement by Madjack.

I do feel for you. I really do! I used to bring up a little black and white tv to the cottage hoping to catch the game on CBC just because I had an antennae. It never worked. Until you turn 19, I guess I have only this advise son....
enjoy the TSN video on demand on replay and try to enjoy your trip.
Or try you darnest to befriend a local with cable. That part I never did. I still regret it. I just hated hearing the score of the game on some fuzzy local radio station broadcasting the sports at 12 am.

Whatch out 4 big Joe mufferaw paddilin the Mattawa. After all he once beat the tar outa 29 min!

Watch out for his Bullfrog... it barks like a dog... at least that the rumour!

I’ll third Madjack here. All of us say family no. 1 for sure, no problem BUT you have to have total confidence in your family that they will respect your wishes and desires equally as much over the course of a marriage, if it’s all just one way giving, well, maybe there’s a wee problem. Family no. 1, yes, but don’t be a doormat and make sure you are really in love with whom you’re sleeping with.

LIFE OR FOOTBALL? Hmmmmm I do both and keep my girlfriends happy! :wink: Yes I am amazing!

Bring your family to a parking lot near IWS. Camp, wake up tailgate, attend the game. All ways are clear.

Tiger-Cats vs. Life? Tiger-Cats. No question.