What to do about washrooms

so with all the talk about restuarants and pubs and event and games having reduced seating with people staying apart, how do they share washrooms? Will there be attendants that rush to every stall and washroom to disinfect after every user? Will larger multi person washrooms have to only allow one person at a time in? Imagine the line ups, specially with everyone standing 6ft apart.

What to do about washrooms ??
It depends! :rofl:

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Doesn't depend on me :slight_smile:

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On the positive side, using a stadium washroom would probably be a less unpleasant experience with a mask on.

If they didn't serve beer the washroom lines would probably be halved, at least.

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Coming to you live from Philadelphia - get in, get out, and save your major duty for the home court in the mornings.

You need more caffeine in the morning if that is not happening for you. Or see a doctor and tell him or her that you just do not have your ---- together now. It happens.

Just use the same protocol as most of us do now.

Bring hand sanitizer too.

And yes public bathrooms have increased their cleaning schedule like everybody else.

either go before you leave or wear a diaper

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Yeah tell me about it. I suffer from this and now go around to schools teaching kids not to do it! :rofl:

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Excellent. Sign me up for that!

My vote is that we still use them.
Throwing a bucket out the window is just unsanitary.